Second, they can be used by residents and taxis too, and are programmed to show the easiest way to get from point A to point B, independently of whether such points are included in a ZTL or not. ZTL Pisa: Mappa, Orari, Telecamere, Parcheggi . Puis-je conduire à Bergamo - … Agli antiquari la Polizia Municipale può accordare una maggiore. we are planning to visit Tuscany next june with a disabled young adult. Devi visualizzare un itinerario? In Tuscany are the restriction times the same in each city with ZTLs? Since coming back to the UK I have tried to look at the Comune Di Pisa website to check photographic footage but the verbale number does not appear to exist. A map of the drinking fountains that you can find in the center of Florence. Some good clues, though, are: You will be fined if you drive past the cameras at the entrance of the ZTL . La carte MICHELIN Italie: plans de ville, carte routière et carte touristique Italie, avec les hôtels, les sites touristiques et les restaurants MICHELIN Italie You can use the map I posted or google maps. If you are confronted with a ZTL on a narrow street with little space to pull over, you might encounter very loud car horns behind you urging you forward. So far my rental company has emailed me and billed me for one violation but they have not given me much to go by (like how much I owe and to whom I need to pay or contact). They just keep sending me notifications about the fines and charging my credit card. En espérant vous avoir aidé, en vous souhaitant un beau séjour à Milano, Bergamo et Como qui sont de très belles villes. Par conséquent, même si vous vous trouvez dans une ville inconnue, conduisez avec prudence et envoyez un courrier électronique à l'hôtel pour leur demander s'ils se trouvent en ZTL et au cas où ils vous expliqueraient le meilleur moyen de s'y rendre. Such a simple question with no answer anywhere on the godforsaken web! No you wull be also be fined for parking where you are not supposed to be and finally your car will be towed away. I read a lot of blogs before the trip and never heard also about this ZTL zones. Thank you for your reply. It is more of a revenue making venture than not. The host of our rental apartment says that it is possible to buy a daily permission for the limited traffic zone and therefore park outside our accommodation — do you have any comments or information? No scooters are allowed in the ZTL unless you are a resident or have a special permit. AUTOCARAVAN, MOTORHOME E CAMPER: di proprietà dei residenti purchè costituisca l’unico veicolo dell’unità abitativa; I veicoli di attività commerciali con sede in ZTL di Pisa senza consegne a domicilio possono accedere tutti i giorni 07.oo/20.oo; n.1 possibilità di accesso/giorno con carico/scarico merci, senza possibilità di sosta. Consente il passaggio dal varco elettronico senza necessità di ulteriori comunicazioni a carico dell’utente, la targa inserita in lista non viene riconosciuta dal rilevatore ottico. ZTL bus turistici PISA, ticket, checkpoint e parcheggio. This impacts badly of the, Cars are noisy, and messy. What a wonderful and informative website – thankyou for making it available to all of us. Hotel guests can enter in Monopoli ZTL for loading and unloading luggage. I thought I had read somewhere there is a park and ride for pisa, is this true and if so where abouts is it? Or more! Interested, as your post was 2012, whether you were eventually charged by Avis – I’m pretty sure that my rental terms don’t allow my card to be charged by them anyway (though I’ll just close that particular card account if there seems to be any risk!). Thank you for your attention. No car needed in Cinque Terre or to go from Cinque Terre, to Pisa to Florence. Not paying a fine is not a crime in Italy. Pisa is divided into four distinct ZTL areas, each requiring a different permit. All rights reserved. I don’t mind paying a fine, but 113 euro 14 months after it occurred. However, if you pay attention to the signs on the Lungarno, you will see that you will have passed signs indicating that you must go straight. ViaMichelin integrates information from the Michelin guides into the heart of its maps, in particular, the Michelin Green Guide stars that relate to tourist sites. Il principio fondamentale è: l’informazione, la condivisione e la consultazione in generale. I received a fine from Pisa and Siena. If you live in any other country, it’s ethical to pay. Veicoli di proprietà di autoscuole con sede in ZTL abilitati alla scuola-guida, con possibilità di accesso nell’orario 0,00-24,00 dei giorni feriali. You can walk or use the LAM rossa city bus. Or, to be more honest, the lack thereof. Thanks for this information and advice. If they are inside the ZTL they certainly have permits. Or rental company will rent a car to me? After a lot of clicking I made a PayPal payment using my currency card. Could you advise please. shouldn’t the hotel make you aware of the zone difference? One question: Learn how to create your own. I just visited in August. I have no idea how to do it… maybe there is a link in the notifications your receive? Main. well.. After I originally left a comment I appear to have clicked on the They will not deny it, but you need to request it beforehand. You might need one for Amalfi, but nowhere else. I’ll be arriving mid day on a Friday in July. Le istanze saranno vagliate da parte del Comando di Polizia Municipale. We are headed to Tuscany in a couple of weeks and after reading this I feel much more confident and that we now know what to look for to avoid the ZTL’s. I can’t read the words behind it. Almost all cities have ztl and the best advice for any tourists who are looking for a driving adventure holiday is that “Don’t drive to Italy”. Hi, we have just received our fine for Pisa. A hire car is only good for seeing the countryside not for cities. One star corresponds to "Interesting", two stars to "Worth a detour" and three stars to "Worth the journey".. All motorized vehicles. Pisa is one of the cities in Tuscany (along with Florence) where such complaints are most frequent. Learn to recognize them and you will be fine. The ZTL is inside the walls. Parking La Torre and Parking Via Pietrasantina (free) are easily reachable if you exit the highway at Pisa nord. What a wonderful help page! Find out more here. Warning ZTL peut être utilisé sur tout appareil fonctionnant sous Android 4.0 et versions ultérieures. This site is great for lots of cities, not just Rome, but it’s in Italian only. You can try… but you need a special permit to access ZTL even if you are disabled. No worries. ), dell’Università di Pisa, SSSUP S.Anna, Scuola Normale Superiore, C.N.R. We received couple of fines close to 1 year after our last visit to Florence in 2009. Ove il detentore del contrassegno non abbia provveduto a richiedere l’inserimento di una targa nella lista bianca, ovvero abbia utilizzato un veicolo diverso da quello abituale già abilitato, può dare comunicazione dell’accesso chiamando il numero verde della Società della Salute Zona Pisana 800086540; la comunicazione impedisce l’inoltro della contravvenzione e deve essere inoltrata entro le 24 h lavorative successive all’avvenuto accesso.In caso di giorni prefestivi e festivi il termine per la comunicazione è posticipato entro le 24 h del primo giorno lavorativo utile successivo, (ad es. At this point it's important to familiarize yourself with the Limited Traffic Zones.They are called Zona Traffico Limitato in Italian or ZTL and are found in most of the major Italian cities. Si precisa che è stata inoltre istitiuta nel periodo estivo e solo nei weekand una ZTL notturna relativa ai lungoarni. 2. The hotel receptionist replied to my email saying “You can access inside the limited traffic area from via Mazzini, and communicate your plate number at the reception during the check in.” I am worried that I will be fined if I don’t provide them the plate number before I arrive. You should ask the rental company or contact the city hall “urp” (public relations office). This is correct? If i did a mistake on them, they are right about it. Thanks Gloria – that helped. If they really wanted to reduce trafics in the city then they should start the boom gate or to pay toll as you enter. Hi Gloria, thanks for your blog. Thank you for stopping by! leaving us without money, clothes, laptop, chargers to the phones… it will be my last visit to Italy for sure !!!! Unfortunately, there is not much to do but to pay the fine. or should we just pay the fine? Any informative suggestions are welcomed! Which city was he in? Municipalities can only be happy if a non-resident pays. I will be facing a few of these issues as You simply have to know what to look for, so do your homework before coming to Italy.” i was driving the last few days in italy as a tourist while i was totally unaware of such thing called ZTL. ‎ZTL ALERT ti segnala gratuitamente oltre 3000 ZTL, Semafori Infra Red, Preferenziali di tutte le città italiane. There are always warning signs, you just did not see them or had no idea what they meant. Hotels can assist you in that sense if they are inside the ZTL. Hi i will be traveling to italy this august and would like to see a lot of cities in a short amount of time. If you are not allowed to be in the ZTL, you are not, no matter what you are driving. That permission is usually spelled out in often confusing details on a sign or signs below or alongside the basic ZTL sign. We will be staying in Pisa in May. Is the SIENA ZTL accessible on Sundays without permit? If you live in France, you have no choice but to pay the fine, because of a special agreement between our two countries. You won’t receive the fine until after you have gone back home. Except for French drivers, who will have to pay their fine in France because of an international agreement between the two countries. The fines range between €76 and €100. ZTL Pisa: Mappa, Orari, Telecamere, Parcheggi, Set Footer Menu from Admin > Appearance > Menus > "Manage Locations" Tab > Small Footer Navigation. A pagamento, salvo che siano patrocinate dalla A. You have been […], […] This a good site with some information on ZTL and how to avoid driving in to it: […], […] […]. ZTL Pisa: Mappa, Orari, Telecamere, Parcheggi . Via Scorno Via Curtatone Quite honestly I’d advise you to park your hire car in the suburbs and use public transport, it far too easy to get caught out and quite expensive to park. We are coming to discover your country, not to disturb you. Would this be on a city by city basis…..or can they enter/not enter all ztl Zones? Thanks Gloria – well that is one consolation not ending up in a Pisa jail! Altre redazioni locali potranno presentare istanza di un singolo permesso/ciascuna. Thank you. I don’t know if it will be full but in case it is, go back to the roundabout, go under the underpass and take via Pietrasantina. On the website they tell about Parcheggio di Piazza dei Miracoli. Since it has been 7 months since my visit to Italy and I am home in the USA, would this be the only ticket I am receiving or could there be more? seem like an organised crime run business to me. La sosta è consentita previa l’esposizione del contrassegno cartaceo nonché del disco h di controllo per mezza ora sia a l’orario di inizio e quello di fine lezioni. It is not in the ZTL don’t worry. Actually, I didn’t even notice it that I was in a ZTL area. I received a notification of my credit card being charged by Avis this morning, following an ‘offence’ of driving in a restricted zone in Lucca on 26/6/14 (I had no idea!!!). Our cars are available around every street corner. I’m now nervous to be honest. -Notify me when new comments are added- checkbox and from now on whenever a comment is added I recieve 4 emails with the same comment. I was surprised to see that in Bologna when facing the cameras you have an option to steer away left or right thus creating no problems to impatient motorists behind you. 8. I seriously doubt they can do anything about it if you don’t pay. No, you can only access the ztl area where the hotel is located, or drive through other areas only if there is no other way to reach your hotel. ZTL Zones and Traffic Cameras on Roadways and in Towns in Italy,,,, Avoiding traffic tickets in Italian cities | Travel Europe with Best Travel Content Europe, » Went to Pisa just so I can get a Pizza! con possibilità di transito e sosta, se privi di autorimessa o area privata come risultante da apposita autocertificazione, nei luoghi ove consentito, limitatamente al quartiere ove è ubicata la sede e con l’obbligo di percorrere l’itinerario più breve possibile; Per ogni ditta si prevedono al massimo n.3 autorizzazioni (corrispondenti a n.3 targhe). Certainly not at the border. nonché delle aziende pubbliche e private che svolgono servizi di interesse pubblico, quali servizi postali, raccolta RSU e similari. Basically, a ZTL sign marks the boundaries of a zone usually in the center of a town or special areas of a city that you cannot drive through, without expressed permission. We misread the sign thinking that because we have a disable permit and the sign has a disabled badge on it we could go there. RATES € 0,50 for 1st hour € 2,00 from 2nd hour and for the entire day! Il numero dei veicoli , nonché l’accesso verrà concordato con il Comando di Polizia Municipale. g) Veicoli impiegati per manifestazioni autorizzate dall’A.C: per il periodo strettamente necessario d’accordo con il Comando di Polizia Municipale. Thanks for sharing such a good information. This is because the name of Chianti is traditionally refered to the area between Florence and Siena where Chianti wine has been produced and not a definite territorial area with boundaries. Bergame en Italie a une restriction de circulation urbaine, une restriction d'accès de véhicule ou Zona a Traffico Limitato (ZTL) ou Limitazioni della circolazione, nom générique de tous les régimes de réglementation de l'accès, également utilisé pour les LEZ. La targa del veicolo del cliente della struttura ricettiva o di ristorazione dovrà essere inserita in “lista bianca” dalla direzione della struttura stessa entro le ore 24,00 del I° giorno successivo lavorativo. Riceverai automaticamente un avviso quando ti avvicinerai ad un varco ZTL o preferenziale, in modo da evitare le multe! oh they are rootless with locals too, no worries. You can try an appeal, but it will be rejected unless you can prove the camera was not functioning properly or that you were not driving that car. Thank you for your comment and advice Mike! Il servizio consente l'inserimento delle targhe dei veicoli per l'accesso alla Z.T.L. And what does it mean? I was gone for 30 minutes to pay my respects to a lady who had in fact buried her husband just days before, when I returned a pink ticket had been put on the windscreen of the car. This is simply false. (non a pagamento). Alle residenti singole di età superiore a 50 anni è concessa la possibilità di disporre di n. 20 permessi gratuiti annui di accesso, da riferire anche a targhe diverse, a piacere, con facoltà di accesso, al solo settore di residenza, nell’orario 19,00-02,00 per espletare funzioni di accompagnamento ad attività sociali. If you are staying in a hotel near Via Mazzini for example, you will still be fined if you try to enter the ZTL near the Leaning Tower. m) Testate giornalistiche ed emittenti televisive diverse da quelle di cui al punto 2.1, lett. Hi Giuseppe, unfortunately I don’t know much about the ZTL in Siena. Answer 1 of 2: Is there a ZTL zone in rapallo. May one legally enter the zone with that card ? GPS Navigation Systems are totally unreliable when it comes to identifying ZTLs. Pisa ZTL Map Restricted Driving Zones: Traveler's Guide to ZTL Driving Zones in Italy Camera-Ticketing: Streets with ZTL access are regulated by ticket-cameras that process fines instantaneously, the second your vehicle breaches a ZTL boundary. SeeZTLs accesses in Pisa on a larger map. Da oltre cinquant’anni la UILDM è l’Associazione nazionale di riferimento per le persone affette da distrofie e altre malattie neuromuscolari. At the roundabout at the end of via delle Cascina turn right onto via Cammeo and you will find the parking lot on your right after a yellow building. IEsistono attualmente tre possibilità di ottenere i permessi per l’accesso: 1) Inserimento della targa del veicolo utilizzato abitualmente dal disabile nella lista bianca del data base della centrale di controllo dei varchi. Il numero di questi ultimi è a giudizio dell’Amministrazione in seguito ad esame di documentata istanza. I just wish I had read your aticle before I went to Pisa! After seeing the congestion and ZTL’s, I’m thinking it may be good idea to restrict my driving only to the rural areas and between cities. If you have taken the time to read the posts, you will have noticed that most of the people leaving messages to vent about their misadventure with the Italian laws regulating traffic claim that they have been scammed, and sometimes end up blaming the car rental agencies for not telling them about the ZTL rule. Antonio, the car was parked far away, so my son went to pick up the car and when he turned in via San Antonio there was one other vehicle in front of him so he drive along did know nothing about ZTL, if he did have seen the sign probably he would not understand Italian, if he had an accident or went through red light or something more dangerous it would be different story, on 26/04/2016 he received a form that he has to pay, EURO 101.70 if don’t within 5 days has to pay EURO 126.00, on the 30/05/2016 i sent an email Pisa city council explained what happen, and also I said how come it took them 9 months to send the claim, they should have more respect for the tourist that go and spend thousands of Euro, and it is a joke to ask to pay for a small intentional mistake ecctera,on the 20/11/2018 after 2 years and 8 months, received a notice from the debit collector that we have to pay EURO 253.00 if don’t pay the amount we will immediately assign the task to a credit recovery institute of lawyers who work in our own country which increase the expenses. if i rent a scooter or motorbike will i still be subjected to these rules? This article has a great description and even map of the ZTL. The fine was 116,70 € I received it 8 months later. UNIONE ITALIANA LOTTA ALLA DISTROFIA MUSCOLARE ), can drive there. It would be good if we can purchase a day permit to drive through and drop off the car! On my way to Italy by car for the first time next week. Had there been I probably would have paid. You can also find a map dedicated to tourist sites on the ViaMichelin website. I am wondering if we have to pay it, and worried if we don’t that it may follow us and double over time! If you are from a non-EU country road signs are different: make sure you learn them. First of all thank you very much for your message. So you're got your Italy road map and ready to discover this amazing place by car. 1 – I saw today that it has ZLT in Pisa, Rome and Florence, has more than these cities with ZLT? Thx. Avec Turismo Torino e Provincia découvrez tout sur la culture, les évènements, la montagne et la gastronomie de Turin: informations utiles pour se déplacer et bien connaître la ville et la province. Thank you for your advice. d) (non a pagamento) da verificarsi da parte del Comando di Polizia Municipale; n) Relatori a convegni aventi sede in ZTL (non a pagamento): compresi i Docenti di atenei non aventi sede in Pisa, anche per motivo di incontri istituzionali; o) Accompagnatori di anziani per attività sociali serali.

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