The Argentine veteran scored 9 goals in all competitions in his first season with Espanyol, putting an end to a streak of 15 consecutive seasons in which he scored in double figures (18 total). Despite what was previously stated, Bernabéu decided to throw a farewell match against Celtic in Madrid, to honour him for his services. Di Stéfano retired from international football after the tournament. Calero decided to let Di Stéfano play the 1953-1954 and 1955-1956 seasons in Madrid, and the 1954-1955 and 1956–1957 seasons in Barcelona. In the league he was again the top scorer with 24 goals, but despite that, Athletic Bilbao won the tournament ahead of Barça and Real. In the 1961-1962 season Di Stéfano won the double for the first time, winning the Generalísimo Cup 15 years since the last time after beating Sevilla 2–1 with two goals from Puskás to overturn the initial red and white advantage. Salvatore Distefano, Università di Catania, Dipartimento di Scienze Biologiche Geologiche e Ambientali Department, Graduate Student. Di Stéfano scored five more goals during the championship - including his first hat-trick against Colombia - as Argentina successfully defended the title they had won the previous year on home soil.[25]. The 1963-1964 season was the last for Di Stéfano at Real Madrid. On 16 July 1959, Real Madrid hosted a match against Pelé and his Brazilian club, Santos FC, during their European tour. [33][34][35], On 8 July, Di Stéfano's coffin was placed on public display at the Bernabéu Stadium. He would score 10 goals in 25 appearances for Huracan, teaming up perfectly with Norberto Méndez who would later become the all-time top scorer in Copa América. Cosimo Taiuti, assistito da Silvia Zabaldi e dal Rappresentante dell’A.I.A. Tanti gli argomenti trattati, all’indomani della chiusura del calciomercato invernale. [10][29], A Spanish movie entitled Real, La Película (Real, The Movie), which recounted these events, was released on 25 August 2005. Real Madrid won 6–1 with goals from Sergio Ramos, Antonio Cassano (2), Roberto Soldado (2), and José Manuel Jurado. During the final, Enrique Mateos, substituting for Puskás (the Hungarian feared retaliation and decided not to depart with the tam for the final in Stuttgart), took a penalty instead of Di Stéfano and missed it. Spain won both of the reverse fixtures 4–1, but the damage had already been done: Scotland beat Switzerland in their final match and qualified at Spain's expense. Avellino): “Illanes ha rifiutato il Catania,... ADDIO 2020, BENVENUTO 2021: auguri di buon anno a tutti. Di Stefano was educated at a Jesuit seminary and briefly contemplated entering the priesthood.. The match was played on 16 July 2014, at the Millonarios' Estadio El Campín.[39]. Di Stéfano scored a total of 267 goals in 292 games for Milionarios, and is considered as one of the best footballers the history of the Colombian League. Nevertheless, Real finished second in the 1959 season behind Barça, with Di Stéfano finishing as the best scorer in the league for the fifth and last time, and the fourth in a row, with 23 goals. But in the second leg, Real beat the Uruguayans by 5–0 with Di Stéfano scoring one goal on 4 September 1960. Di Stéfano finished the season with 21 goals, second-highest scorer in the league behind Puskás who netted 28 goals. La Sartoria Concetta Di Stefano mette a tua disposizione la sua creatività ed esperienza per creare l'abito dei tuoi sogni. Lodi è arrivato alle 13:30 in stazione centrale a … Given that the Brazilian's style of play was similar to Di Stéfano's, the Brazilian often clashed with the Argentine and there were rumours that he asked for his release from the club's management in the summer of 1960. At the beginning of the season, the team had a pre-season tour in Venezuela as the team participated in the 1963 Small Club World Cup against São Paulo and FC Porto. L’edizione odierna de La Sicilia ha evidenziato come il giovane rossazzurro, con ancora 18 anni da compiere, se già quest’anno può trovare maggiore spazio, già a partire dall’anno prossimo […] Di Stéfano did not win the Pichichi award as Puskás was the topscorer of the league with 25 goals. [38], The Club Atlético River Plate from Argentina and Millonarios Fútbol Club from Colombia organized a friendly match in homage of their former player. The second consecutive Spanish title allowed Real Madrid to be the first Spanish representative in the inaugural Champions Cup in the 1955-1956 season. Alfredo Stéfano Di Stéfano Laulhé ([alˈfɾeðo ði esˈtefano]; Barracas, 4 luglio 1926 – Madrid, 7 luglio 2014) è stato un calciatore e allenatore di calcio argentino naturalizzato spagnolo, di ruolo attaccante.. Soprannominato Saeta Rubia (Freccia Bionda) o Don Alfredo, è ritenuto uno dei più grandi giocatori di tutti i tempi, se non il migliore in assoluto. He moved to Milan with his parents when he was six. [37] During the 2014 FIFA World Cup semi-final between Argentina and the Netherlands on 9 July, Di Stéfano was honoured with one minute of silence, while the Argentine team also wore black ribbons in a matter of respect. Consequently, Real participated in the 1956-1957 season, eliminating Rapid Vienna, Nice, and Manchester United in the semifinals and beating Fiorentina 2–0 in the final, in Madrid. In 2013, an 86-year-old Di Stéfano was in a relationship with his 36-year-old personal secretary, Gina González. During the 1959–1960 season, the Madrilenos signed the Brazilian midfielder Didi who was a World Cup winner, the best player of the 1958 FIFA World Cup and former teammate of Garrincha and Pelé. Di Stéfano scored 8 goals in the 1960 competition, finishing second in the scorers' chart won by Puskás. Di Stéfano's father, who was a former defender of River Plate, but prematurely retired in 1912 due to a knee injury, introduced young Alfredo to football. Carlos Peucelle initially put Di Stéfano on the flank, a position in which Di Stéfano struggled; in a game against Atlanta of Pedernera, Peucelle decided to use him as a center forward and River eventually won 6–1. Di Stéfano played with three different national teams during his career,[5] scoring 6 goals in 6 appearances for Argentina, and 23 in 31 appearances for Spain. Di Stéfano's 49 goals in 58 matches was the all-time highest tally in the European Cup. Di Stéfano was widely loved in Spain, and having been banned from playing for Argentina, it made sense for Di Stéfano to play for Spain. Profilo di Davide Di Stefano (21) US Folgore Caratese scheda, valore di mercato, statistiche, mercato, carriera e tanto altro All’attaccante catanese, cresciuto nel nostro settore giovanile, i migliori auguri per la nuova avventura professionale”. Huracán tried to sign Di Stéfano permanently at the end of a successful eighth-place season, but could not afford the 90,000 pesos River Plate asked for the transfer. Last video : of the best from one of the greatest! “Fogacci Stefano arrivò da noi nella stagione 2005/06 a nemmeno 21 anni, quando il Montefredente era in terza categoria al suo terzo campionato agonistico, ed è ancora qua al suo 16esimo campionato nelle nostre fila. After 14 goals in 60 matches with Espanyol, he retired as a player at 40 in 1966, helping his team avoid relegation in both seasons. By the time qualifying began for the 1954 FIFA World Cup, FIFA had banned Di Stéfano from making any further appearances for Argentina, on account of his appearances for the Colombia XI two years earlier - though Argentina once again pulled out of qualifying. The French forward could not feature in the games due to the limit of foreigners in La Liga and had to wait for the Spanish naturalisation of Di Stèfano, who became a Spanish citizen in October 1956. In December, France Football awarded Di Stéfano the 1959 Ballon d'Or, which he won ahead of teammate Raymond Kopa (who had already returned to Stade de Reims in the summer of 1959) and Juventus's Welsh star John Charles. PELLEGRINO: “Mercato? [18], Born in Barracas, a neighborhood of Buenos Aires, Di Stéfano was the son of Alfredo Di Stéfano, a first-generation Italian Argentine (his father Michele emigrated to Argentina from Nicolosi in the 19th century), and Eulalia Laulhé Gilmont, an Argentine woman of French and Irish descent with her relatives being from Swinford, County Mayo.[19][20][21]. His coach and first mentor Carlos Peucelle taught him how to play the ball low and soon he made his first team debut in 1945, at the age of 19: on 15 July of that year he debuted against Huracán in a 2–1 defeat on the twelfth day of the 1945 Argentine championship. IL GIALLO LODI – “E’ tutto più semplice di quanto si possa immaginare. [10] He won six league titles during the first 12 years of his career in Argentina and Colombia. But, in 1940 his family moved to the countryside and Di Stéfano started working with his father and playing football with his brother Tulio in the Club Social y Deportivo Unión Progresista until 1943, when the family returned to Buenos Aires. [11], On 24 December 2005, 79-year-old Di Stéfano suffered a heart attack. In the 1960 season, Real finished equal with Barcelona on the table, but the Catalonians were the ones to be awarded the title. La cura della bocca è principalmente cura della persona. Quotidiano telematico di informazione sportiva, registrato al Tribunale di Catania il 18/12/2014 al In a bizarre publicity stunt at the premiere, kidnapper Paul del Rio, now a famous artist, and Di Stéfano were brought together for the first time since the abduction, 42 years before. The agreement was approved by the Football Association and their respective clubs. Collegamenti esterni. Il Giudice Sportivo Sostituto Avv. After overcoming rivals Atlético Madrid in three games in the semi-final, Real Madrid won its fourth consecutive Champions Cup by defeating Stade de Reims again by a score of 2–0. “Il Calcio Catania – si legge attraverso una nota ufficiale – comunica di aver ceduto alla Società Sportiva Lazio il diritto alle prestazioni sportive del calciatore Gian Marco Distefano, a titolo temporaneo con opzione per il riscatto. Tentata estorsione al calciatore Marco Biagianti condanna di 4 anni ... 51 anni e Stefano Africano, 35 anni, accusati di tentata estorsione ai danni del calciatore Marco Biagianti. Di Stéfano scored 19 goals and won the top scorer award, obtaining the 1958 title at the expense of Atletico Madrid. For the 1946 season he was loaned to Club Atlético Huracán, but he returned to River in 1947. The club won another league title in 1955 leaving Barcelona again in the second place of the table. In one of his last games in Argentina, on 31 July 1949, Di Stéfano played in the role of goalkeeper, replacing the owner Amadeo Carrizo for twenty minutes and keeping the clean sheet in a derby won against Boca Juniors. As Di Stéfano's first few games with them were unimpressive, Barcelona sold Madrid their half-share, and Di Stéfano moved to the Blancos signing a four-year contract. Alfredo Stéfano Di Stéfano Laulhé[2] (Spanish pronunciation: [alˈfɾeðo ði esˈtefano]; 4 July 1926 – 7 July 2014) was an Argentinian-born professional footballer and coach, regarded as one of the best footballers of all time. Huracán and Argentina legend Herminio Masantonio had just retired and the club needed a replacement forward. [31], Following another heart attack on 5 July 2014, the 88-year-old Di Stéfano was moved to intensive care in the Gregorio Marañón hospital in Madrid,[32] where he died on 7 July 2014. Millonarios would go on to lose the 1951 Copa Colombia (played in 1952) to Boca Juniors de Cali. He finished 6th in the 1961 Ballon d'Or in December. As a result, Ferenc Puskás signed with Real Madrid in the summer of 1958 to strengthen the squad and Real Madrid would be blessed with one of the most lethal attacking pairs in the history of football. Da un punto di vista calcistico cresce nel San Marino perché venne scartato dal Bologna, Fiorentina e Milan. Il Calcio Catania comunica di aver ceduto il diritto alle prestazioni sportive del calciatore Lorenzo Di Stefano, a titolo definitivo, all’U.C. He also returned to Valencia in 1986 to guide them back to La Liga by winning the Segunda Division after their relegation the season prior before his arrival. On the night of 24 August 1963, the Venezuelan revolutionary group Armed Forces of National Liberation (FALN), kidnapped Alfredo Di Stéfano at gunpoint from the Potomac Hotel in Caracas while his team, Real Madrid, were on a pre-season tour of South America. Profilo di Gian Marco Distefano (19) Paternò Calcio scheda, valore di mercato, statistiche, mercato, carriera e tanto altro Confermata la cessione di Gian Marco Distefano. The season started early with the participation of Real Madrid in the 1956 Small Club World Cup in Caracas, Venezuela as European champions. Tutto Calcio Catania è il magazine online che si occupa della tua squadra del cuore: il Calcio Catania. Real Madrid was an average team and had not won the title in 20 years. Soon after Millonarios' return to Colombia, the Barcelona directors visited Buenos Aires and agreed with River Plate, the last FIFA-affiliated team to have held Di Stéfano's rights, for his transfer in 1954 for the equivalent of 150 million Italian lira (according to other sources 200,000 dollars). A 27-year-old Di Stéfano arrived at Real Madrid on 22 September 1953, after seven months of inactivity, and made his debut with the white jersey in October 1953 in a clásico against champions Barcelona, won 5–0 with a Di Stéfano hat trick. Most goals scored in European Cup finals: 7 (shared with Ferenc Puskás), Only player to be awarded the Super Ballon d'Or, This page was last edited on 27 December 2020, at 11:18. Real won the 1957 championship and Di Stéfano was again the top scorer in the Liga with 31 goals. Acconsenta ai nostri cookie se continua ad utilizzare il nostro sito web. Contatta ☎ Di Stefano Salvatore Gravina di Catania, Via Carrubbella, 107 con indicazioni stradali, dati di contatto. He announced his plans to marry her in the same year, but died before this happened. ACCADDE OGGI: 1 gennaio 1961, tris del Catania al Bari in... MERCATO – Di Somma (D.S. Catania. [36] Following his death Di Stéfano received tributes from many famous football personalities including Alex Ferguson, Pelé, Cristiano Ronaldo, Diego Maradona, and Bobby Charlton. Dopo Escalante, che arriverà a giugno, un rinforzo è stato acquistato anche per la Primavera di Menichini. The Spanish team, with a forward line also boasting Barcelona and Real Madrid stars Laszlo Kubala, Luis Suárez and Francisco Gento, were favourites to qualify for the 1958 FIFA World Cup in Sweden, having been drawn into a qualification group with Scotland and minnows Switzerland. [11] Madrid were also beaten by Aberdeen, managed by Alex Ferguson, in the European Cup Winners' Cup final. Puskás and Gento both finished in the top ten. However the Argentine forward was soon after contacted by Adolfo Pedernera, who had already agreed to terms with the Colombian Bogota-based club Millonarios F.C.. On 9 August 1949, after another one of his teammates, Néstor Rossi signed for the Colombian club without River Plate receiving any compensation for the transfer as the Colombian FA was still not affiliated with FIFA, Di Stéfano signed with the Colombians. The season finished with the loss of the 1958 Generalísimo Cup after they lost 2-0 to Athletic Bilbao. At the beginning of the second half, Di Stéfano scored the second goal to seal the victory. During the season, Real also asserted itself in the last edition of the Latin Cup, overcoming Benfica 1–0 in the final with a decisive goal by Di Stéfano and at the end of the year, he won the 1957 Ballon d'Or. Si è reso protagonista sin dai primi passi da calciatore professionista, Davide Di Stefano, che al suo esordio con la maglia del Catania non è passato affatto inosservato, anzi. In 1944 Di Stéfano's father wrote a letter of recommendation to River Plate, and the club sent a reply telegram to invite him to an audition with the youth team. He scored 418 goals in 510 games, of which 308 goals in 396 official matches (49 goals in 59 matches in the Champions Cup), becoming the best scorer in the history of the club, until that record was surpassed several decades later first by Raúl and then by Cristiano Ronaldo. [13][14] In November 2003, to celebrate UEFA's Jubilee, he was selected as the Golden Player of Spain by the Royal Spanish Football Federation as their most outstanding player of the past 50 years. Due to a footballers' strike in Argentina in 1949, Di Stéfano went to play for Millonarios of Bogotá in the Colombian league. Di Stéfano scored in five consecutive European Cup finals for Real Madrid between 1956 and 1960, including a hat-trick in the last. FIFA initially refused to sanction this, but after Di Stéfano acquired Spanish citizenship in 1956, and amid pressure from the Spanish FA, the decision was eventually reversed. The league victory gave River Plate the right to represent Argentina in the Copa Aldao against the champions of Uruguay Nacional Montevideo who featured great player like goalkeeper Anibal Paz and Walter Taibo in a two-nation club competition that tracked origins to 1913 and for many it was considered as the precursor to the Copa Libertadores. [15] He was voted fourth, behind Pelé, Diego Maradona, and Johan Cruyff, in a vote organized by France Football magazine which consulted their former Ballon d'Or winners to elect the Football Player of the Century. Di Stéfano began his career at Argentina's River Plate aged 17, in 1943. Proviene da Catania, classe 2000, Gianmarco Distefano è stato girato in prestito con diritto di riscatto ai biancocelesti. A penalty was awarded to Real Madrid, but Héctor Rial slipped when kicking and missed it. Direttore Responsabile: Livio Giannotta. Di Stéfano impressed on the trial and joined the second team squad of River Plate, the club his family supported. Di Stéfano refused Bernabéu's proposal and he moved to Real Espanyol. Real lost its first European Cup final and for the first time Di Stéfano did not score in a final (the three goals were scored by Puskás). Reinhart in forse. Chiudono la carrellata "Mister episodi" Stefano Colantuono (memorabili le sfide col Catania di Marino durante la sua esperienza a Bergamo che ha seguito quella alle falde dell'Etna e preceduto il "va e vieni" imposto da Zamparini a Palermo) e Giuseppe Sannino, allenatore entrato in pochi mesi nel cuore dei tifosi per il suo temperamento ma allontanato dalla società (all'epoca - autunno 2014 - diretta da Pablo … Utilizziamo i cookie per personalizzare contenuti ed annunci, per fornire funzionalità dei social media e per analizzare il nostro traffico. The Blancos eliminated Milan in the semi-finals [64] and entered the final in Paris against Raymond Kopa and Just Fontaine's Stade de Reims. However, he never played in the World Cup. [29] The kidnapping was codenamed "Julián Grimau", after the Spanish communist Julián Grimau García, executed by firing squad in Spain in April 1963 during Francisco Franco's dictatorship. Di Stéfano made his Champions Cup debut against Servette in a 2–0 away win. Di Stéfano's six games during that tournament would prove to be his only appearances for Argentina. Stefano Bettarini non viene più chiamato nei programmi proprio per la denuncia presentata contro la sua squalifica. Tutte le Informazioni su Di Stefano Salvatore a Catania (95131) - Carrozzerie auto - Indirizzo, Numero di Telefono, CAP, Mappa e Altre Info Utili su MisterImprese! Di Stéfano, who had played in all four games and scored two goals, missed out yet again. Rimani sempre aggiornato con tutte le ultime notizie del Calcio Catania. Real played against defending champions Benfica and though the Spaniards took the lead twice, in the second half of the game the Lusitanians successfully defend their title with a 5–3 win, courtesy of Eusébio. 1 gennaio 1961, campionato di Serie A. Real Madrid lost the Generalísimo Cup to Atletico Madrid by 3–1 at home on 26 June 1960. Studies Marine Geology, Marine geology and geophysics, and Seismic Stratigraphy and Seismic Geomorphology. “Il Calcio Catania – si legge attraverso una nota ufficiale – comunica di aver ceduto alla Società Sportiva Lazio il diritto alle prestazioni sportive del calciatore Gian Marco Distefano, a titolo temporaneo con opzione per il riscatto. Nicknamed "Saeta rubia" ("Blond Arrow"),[3][4][5] he was a powerful, quick, skillful, and prolific forward, with great stamina, tactical versatility, creativity, and vision, who could play almost anywhere on the pitch. [28] Spain boasted the likes of José Santamaría and Ferenc Puskás - both also naturalised citizens - but with Di Stéfano sidelined, they failed to make it out of the group stage, losing to Pelé and Didi's Brazil in their final game and finishing at the bottom of their group. Real won the trophy with 3 wins and Di Stéfano finished as top scorer of the tournament with 4 goals (same as Vavá). Mario Di Stefano – è stato un architetto italiano, professore di Architettura civile nell'Università di Catania Mike Di Stefano – ex hockeista su ghiaccio italo- canadese Oliviero Di Stefano – ex-calciatore e allenatore di calcio italiano Scheda del giocatore Ignazio Di Stefano . Di Stéfano married Sara Freites in 1950; they had six children: Alfredo, Ignacio, Sofia, Silvana, Helena, and Nanette. FIFA appointed Armando Muñoz Calero, former president of the Spanish Football Federation as mediator. E l'ex calciatore continua la sua battaglia legale. Sig. Millonarios, who could not afford to pay the transfer fees anyhow, offered him a salary clearly higher than that at River Plate, and the Argentine forward started a new chapter in his career in Colombia, in period called El Dorado. This fact contributed greatly to intensifying the rivalry with the Catalan club. Il Catania lo aveva sondato, PELLEGRINO: “Mercato? #sartoriaconcettadistefano . The Spaniards faced Vasco da Gama, AS Roma and FC Porto playing against players like World Cup winner Alcides Ghiggia and Vavá. Perhaps the highlight of his time with the club was their 7–3 victory over Eintracht Frankfurt in the 1960 European Cup Final at Hampden Park, a game many consider to be the finest exhibition of club football ever witnessed in Europe.

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