The Global MiM is a two-year, full time course starting in September, where you attain two internationally recognised degrees: a Masters in Management (MiM) and a Masters in Science (MSc) in International Business. Please visit our dedicated FAQ section for more. In today’s globalised world, we believe successful managers and leaders are those who can adapt to the diverse variety of international business cultures and institutional structures across the world. Understanding individual attitudes and behaviour in an organisational context is fundamental in any management role. Please note that to be considered for any LSE funding opportunity, you must have submitted your application and all supporting documents by the funding deadline. LSE Moodle Archives. Work experience requirement: 3 months. This course aims to equip you with a range of tools to analyse the behaviour of firms and consumers in markets. DoMT. The average GMAT score of students on the programme is 680. Further details can be found here. Note that that the School will neither be liable for information that after publication becomes inaccurate or irrelevant, nor for changing, suspending or withdrawing a course or programme of study due to events outside of its control, which includes but is not limited to a lack of demand for a course or programme of study, industrial action, fire, flood or other environmental or physical damage to premises. LSE Careers has links with many leading employers, and offers a wide range of resources to assist you in your career development. You must note however that while care has been taken to ensure that this information is up to date and correct, a change of circumstances since publication may cause the School to change, suspend or withdraw a course or programme of study, or change the fees that apply to it. For CEMS students, additional core courses will be included in year 2. One-to-one meetings with the coach will take place during the classroom teaching modules, as well as a Skype/phone session between modules. Courses are taught in lecture and class or seminar format. The Global Master's in Management programme will develop your intellectual and practical skills as a talented and well-rounded manager, with the ability to thrive and innovate with challenges in today’s complex and fast-moving business world. Some of the services on offer include: guidance and hands-on practice of the key skills you will need to do well at LSE: effective reading, academic writing and critical thinking; workshops related to how to adapt to new or difficult situations, including development of skills for leadership, study/work/life balance and advice and practice on working in study groups and on cross-cultural communication and teamwork. You will learn how to develop and communicate well-reasoned arguments, and to tackle complex decisions and problems in the context of the real socioeconomic and geo-political architecture in which businesses operate across the globe. Here are some examples of the organisations our graduates have joined: The Global Master's in Management programme attracts a diverse range of students, and each year we carefully select a vibrant cohort from a wide variety of backgrounds and international locations. WC2A 2AE UK . The return on investment for your organisation at the end of the programme will be a fully developed employee with a unique skills set, and the talent to drive growth, success and innovation. LSE is the only UK member school in the CEMS Alliance, and we are proud that the LSE Global Master's in Management is the only programme in the UK to offer the CEMS Master’s in International Management (CEMS MIM) as a double degree. These changes are normally made in light of developments in the discipline or path-breaking research, or on the basis of student feedback. Through this project, students demonstrate skills in critical thinking and writing, conducting original research, and drawing conclusions from that research. prior formal study of quantitative subjects is not required, but students must come prepared to engage with quantitative topics such as statistics, accounting and finance. This experience is designed to highlight topical international business issues, and give an insight into global diversity in management practice. Note: The language of instruction at all the CEMS schools is English. Students must have a minimum of 12 months’ previous work experience in order to apply, as they will be joining an MBA classroom. CEMS is a global alliance of leading business schools in 31 countries, partnering with multinational companies and NGOs to offer the prestigious CEMS Master’s in International Management degree programme. Although not compulsory, it is strongly encouraged to help apply learning and gain practical experience. 3. Over 99% of students who choose to apply will be offered a place on CEMS, and individual support is provided at every stage of the application and interview process to ensure students are fully prepared to meet the requirements. Professor Connson Locke - Programme DirectorProfessorial Lecturer in Management, Professor Saul Estrin Professor of Management, Professor Ricardo AlonsoProfessor of Management, Dr Yally AvrahampourAssistant Professor of Management, Professor Amil DasguptaProfessor of Finance, Dr Mia de KuijperCEO, Cambridge Global Partners, Professor Om NarasimhanProfessor of Marketing, Dr Emma SoaneAssistant Professor of Management, Dr Lourdes SosaAssociate Professor of Management, Professor Paul WillmanProfessor of Management*This is our current teaching faculty and may be subject to change. You should visit the School’s Calendar, or contact the relevant academic department, for information on the availability and/or content of courses and programmes of study. There is no fixed deadline by which you need to apply, however we encourage you to apply early to avoid disappointment. This requirement reflects the fact that LSE students participating in an exchange program with a US school will be studying alongside students with substantial work experience and in an environment which encourages very active participation and sharing of this experience. We provide customised professional development related to each student’s current employment role, and the programme can therefore be hugely beneficial to your company or organisation. The dissertation/capstone is a student-led independent study project that comprises a half credit on the overall degree. Topics such as mergers and acquisitions and initial public offerings will also be covered. We welcome applications from all suitably qualified prospective students and want to recruit students with the very best academic merit, potential and motivation, irrespective of their background. Switching to the one-year Master’s in Management will not be possible once you begin this programme at LSE. This course is concerned with examining the relationship between governance and control in organisations. You will learn alongside classmates from a diverse range of nationalities and backgrounds, enriching the cross-cultural learning experience. With this foundation, you will develop your critical and analytical skills to deal with all types of challenges facing managers today in the complex international business environment, from people management and cross-cultural working to strategic business innovation and responsible leadership. Note that the School will neither be liable for information that after publication becomes inaccurate or irrelevant, nor for changing, suspending or withdrawing a course or programme of study due to events outside of its control, which includes but is not limited to a lack of demand for a course or programme of study, industrial action, fire, flood or other environmental or physical damage to premises. The School cannot therefore guarantee you a place. The School will always notify the affected parties as early as practicably possible and propose any viable and relevant alternative options. The following concentrations are available: Accounting and Finance; Accounting; Finance; Human Resource Management; Information Systems and Digital Business; Marketing and Consumer Behaviour; Strategy and International Business. Students can apply for the CEMS programme in January of the first year in the LSE GMiM programme, and will be accepted via an interview process. A curriculum of carefully designed compulsory core courses will explore a variety of perspectives on markets and organisations drawn from various disciplines including economics, economic sociology, and business psychology. The fee covers registration and examination fees payable to the School, lectures, classes and individual supervision, lectures given at other colleges under intercollegiate arrangements and, under current arrangements, membership of the Students' Union. A premium two-year programme designed to give an advanced training in business and management, and launch your international career with a term abroad at a choice of 39 leading partner business schools worldwide. Your application will be considered on its academic merits. Once this has been certified, students will be permitted to apply. Any such changes are intended to enhance the student learning experience. Our students have achieved career success in a wide range of industries, including consulting, technology, finance, investment banking, retail, music and creative industries, pharmaceuticals, energy, e-commerce, law, construction, and NGO/third sector organisations. The focus of the project can be any area in which the student would like to develop their expertise, or it can be an area that would benefit the student’s organisation. Year 1 takes place in London. Changes can take the form of altered course content, teaching formats or assessment modes. You can view indicative details of hours and assessment for all courses listed in the online Programme Regulations. It brings together theory and practice by using group exercises, presentations, and course work to apply the course material to business problems. Funding deadline for needs-based awards from LSE: 29 April 2021. We will discuss the leadership skills that are critical to effectiveness, and consider how to apply these skills to build positive organisational environments. MG Electives. A famous economist once remarked that “whatever you can rightly say about India, the opposite is also true.” Translated into business terms, India is probably the country that currently presents the biggest opportunities as well as the biggest challenges to capitalising on them - the objective of the module is to expose students to some of these challenges and opportunities. If you choose to remain at LSE in your second year, you will have access to a wide range of specialised elective courses from departments across our leading social science institution, ranging from finance to psychological and behavioural science. Any of the elective courses listed here may be taken, subject to pre-requisites and course availability, by any GMiM student. [Edited by Edoardo Filippini on Nov 02, 2018] During the module students will hear speakers from Chinese Universities discussing the Chinese economy, its political system, the rapid change in the region and the prospects for the future. Both options require the student to produce a 6,000-word report that demonstrates familiarity with relevant literature and analyses original data collected by the student. However, students who wish to have a concentration recognised on their degree certificate should choose from within the appropriate sub-list the number of courses that will satisfy the unit requirement for that concentration.

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