The genus name Hedera is the Classical Latin word for ivy, which is cognate with Greek χανδάνω (khandánō) "to get, grasp", both deriving ultimately from Proto-Indo-European *gʰed- "to seize, grasp, take". rhombea)とオカメヅタ(H. Alcune varietà coltivate in appartamento sono: Hedera helix ‘Chicago’. Hedera helix ‘Tussie Mussie’ Above: Hedera helix ‘Tussie Mussie’ is similarly pointed and pedate-leaved, with pale green splashes. L'è 'na piànta rampicànta che g'ha fòie perèni. In the absence of active and ongoing measures to control its growth, it tends to crowd out all other plants, including shrubs and trees. L'edera variegata ha bisogno di più luce rispetto alla varietà verde. -", Invasive Species Council of British Columbia, "Nanospherical arabinogalactan proteins are a key component of the high-strength adhesive secreted by English ivy",, Articles with dead external links from November 2017, Articles with permanently dead external links, Articles with dead external links from September 2017, Articles with dead external links from March 2017, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, This page was last edited on 27 December 2020, at 18:14. Ha fusti volubili che aderiscono per mezzo di radici avventizie, emesse in corrispondenza dei nodi delle ramificazioni, a qualsiasi elemento ne permetta lo sviluppo verticale, ove ciò non si verifichi questi assumono portamento strisciante aderendo al suolo. Ivy ‘Tussie Mussie’ looks as though it belongs in an Edwardian glasshouse. #1 English Ivy (Hedera Helix) Best Care Hacks English Ivy (Hedera Helix) is a highly popular and one of the most recognizable houseplants. Within its native range, the species is greatly valued for attracting wildlife. Le foglie possono avere delle variegature ai margini e sulle nervature del fogliame di diverso colore: gialle, dorate, bianco-crema o grigie. Therefore, if a green facade is desired, this decision has to be made consciously, since later removal would be tedious. Alla fine degli anni ’80, la NASA effettuò … Although popular as a winter holiday decoration, H. helix is invasive and is a pathogen alternate host in British Columbia.[52][53]. As they dry out, the hairs shrink and curl, effectively pulling the root closer to the surface. Adv. Posseggono  foglie  di colore verde scuro, solcate da nervature, su molte specie sono presenti segni di eterofillia, termine attribuito a piante che posseggono foglie di forma diversa. Having disappeared during the glaciation[which? Le piante di edera non temono il freddo e possono sopportare anche temperature molto rigide; in effetti però temono un poco il caldo e non amano ricevere il sole diretto; è quindi opportuno porre a dimora in luogo ombreggiato o semi ombreggiato, al riparo dalla luce per gran parte della giornata. Chemical analyses of the nanoparticles detected only trace amounts of metals, once thought to be responsible for their high strength, indicating that they are largely organic. These are difficult to remove, leaving an unsightly "footprint" on walls, and possibly resulting in expensive resurfacing work. It also harbors mice and other creatures. A rampant, clinging evergreen vine, it is a familiar sight in gardens, waste spaces, on walls, tree trunks and in wild areas across its native habitat. The leaves are alternate, 50–100 mm (2–4 in) long, with a 15–20 mm (0.6–0.8 in) petiole; they are of two types, with palmately five-lobed juvenile leaves on creeping and climbing stems, and unlobed cordate adult leaves on fertile flowering stems exposed to full sun, usually high in the crowns of trees or the top of rock faces. It benefits from being displayed as a specimen, on a columnar support, rather than being expected to cover a vertical flat plane. Hedera helix, the common ivy, English ivy, European ivy, or just ivy, is a species of flowering plant in the family Araliaceae, native to most of Europe and western Asia. Synonyms include Hedera acuta, Hedera arborea ("tree ivy"),[5] Hedera baccifera, Hedera grandifolia,[6] bindwood, and lovestone. [9] Gli esemplari giovani ramificano con difficoltà anche se vengono cimati e non … L’ Hedera helix L. (1753) è originaria dell’Africa (Algeria, Isole Canarie, Libia, Madeira, Marocco e Tunisia), Asia occidentale (Cipro, Israele, Libano, Siria e Turchia), Caucaso (Armenia, Georgia e Russia) ed Europa (Albania A morphometric analysis of Hedera L. (the ivy genus, Araliaceae) and its taxonomic implications. Da Edera Helix sono derivate moltissime varietà che cambiano molto nella forma (stellata, palmata, romboidale). Vendita online piante di Hedera Helix in vaso. [49][50] Its sale or import is banned in Oregon. The modern English ivy derives from Middle English ivi from Old English īfiġ, deriving in turn from Proto-Germanic *ibahs. In some councils it is illegal to sell the plant. Coni d'edera varietà hedera helix "withe wonder" e "golden ingot" English (US) Español Français (France) 中文(简体) العربية Português (Brasil) 한국어 Italiano Deutsch ह न द 日本語 … Hedera helix Varietà: "Hibernica" Hai bisogno di informazioni? Where it is established, it is very difficult to control or eradicate. Botanical Name: Hedera helix ‘Aloma Ivy’ This Hedera helix variety has pale green leaves when the plant is young, turning into a lush mid-green foliage with silver-white borders as it matures. Calcium ions present in the matrix induce interactions between carboxyl groups of these components, causing a cross linking that hardens the adhesive. Shipping in Europe. 268 Hedera helix L". Le foglie di colore verde scuro lucide, con macchie argentee lungo le nervature, presentano la lamina larga circa 10 cm. La varietà originale di Hedera helix possiede foglie con 4-5 lobi, di colore verde scuro, lucide sulla pagina superiore e solcate da nervature di colore verde più chiaro. Non presenta particolari controindicazioni ma va evitata in caso di … However, ivy can be problematic. It climbs by means of aerial rootlets with matted pads which cling strongly to the substrate. Le foglie da tri- a pentalobate, da ampiamente ovate a triangolari, sono lunghe 4-6 cm. [9][10][11][12][13][15] Hedera helix itself is much more winter-hardy and survives temperatures of −23.3 °C (−9.9 °F) (USDA Zone 6a) and above. [16], Ivy is widely cultivated as an ornamental plant. [1][2] [3] Esistono però anche varietà non particolarmente tolleranti al gelo, tra queste:  Hedera canariensis  e le cultivar derivate. Like other exotic species, ivy has predominantly been spread to areas by human action. Edera (Hedera helix): parassiti e malattie Stiamo parlando di piante che, generalmente, si caratterizzano per avere un elevato livello di resistenza nei confronti di … Hedera Helix Hibernica Una tenace pianta sempreverde La pianta di Hedera Helix Hibernica appartiene alla famiglia delle Arialiacae, può essere definita come la pianta rampicante d’eccellenza, ideale per ricoprire pareti e muretti con un colore sempre brillante o semplicemente da coltivare in vaso. Adatta ad essere coltivata in vasi sospesi o posti su mensole, per dar modo ai suoi rami di crescere liberi. Una pianta può coprire 8-10 m2. [55] This is accomplished through a complex method of attachment starting as adventitious roots growing along the stem make contact with the surface and extend root hairs that range from 20 to 400 μm in length. 気根(付着根)を出して壁や樹木などに張りついて成長する性質をもっているので、家庭のフェンスや建物に這わせたり、インテリアグリーンやコンテナに寄せ植えする際のアクセントにするとよいでしょう。法面や緑地帯などでも広く利用されています。また、ガーデン用以外に切り花やブーケの添え葉にも使われます。, 会員登録をすると、園芸日記、そだレポ、アルバム、コミュニティ、マイページなどのサービスを無料でご利用いただくことができます。, 花がなくても楽しめる、多肉植物的な原種ラン。誌面に載せきれなかったおすすめ種を紹介!, 会員限定で「花とみどりのギフト券」3,000円分を抽選で5名様にプレゼントいたします!, 植えつけ・植え替え、剪定など、すぐに役立つ園芸作業の基本を、写真付きでわかりやすく解説, あなたの植物の症状は? 大切な植物を病気や害虫から守るための、見て分かる病気と害虫ガイド, 寄せ植え向きの植物選びや、作り方のポイントを紹介。参考になるキレイな作品写真も見られます, ここだけで読める連載「テキストこぼれ話」。『趣味の園芸』で語りきれなかった話を限定公開, 全国の植物園一覧。日本植物園協会に加盟している植物園を中心に紹介。植物園に出かけよう!, NHK「趣味の園芸」講師陣による植物の育て方情報が満載! 日記やそだレポで栽培記録もつけられる。園芸、ガーデニングの情報コミュニティサイト | みんなの趣味の園芸, 最も利用されている種。グラウンドカバーのほか、室内の観葉植物としても利用される。葉形や葉色(斑)などがバラエティに富み、多数の園芸品種がある。, 和名カナリーキヅタ。カナリア諸島、マデイラ諸島、北アフリカ原産。斑入りの園芸品種‘Variegata’が緑地帯や壁面緑化に用いられる。セイヨウキヅタに比べると耐寒性がやや弱い。, 日本、朝鮮半島南部、台湾の山野に自生。30〜40mにも伸びる。耐寒性が強く、壁面緑化に多く用いられる。, 広島市植物公園に勤務。ベゴニアやペラルゴニウムの仲間などを担当し、保有する豊富な野生種をもとに、耐暑性、耐寒性のあるベゴニアの育種に取り組む。それにとどまらず、幅広い植物に精通している。. [39] Extra + Questa edera (Hedera helix) è originaria delle zone a clima temperato dell'Europa. Le specie più adatte a questo scopo sono quelle piante che presentano fogliame di ridotte dimensioni e di altezza contenuta, anche quelle a crescita lenta sono particolarmente indicate. [40] In 1597, the British herbalist John Gerard recommended water infused with ivy leaves as a wash for sore or watering eyes. Grandi foglie coriacee, verde intenso lucido. Hedera helix 'Pink 'n' Curly' (Ivy 'Pink 'n' Curly') will reach a height of 8m and a spread of 2m after 5-10 years. ヘデラの仲間のなかで園芸的に多く利用されるのは、セイヨウキヅタ(ヘデラ・へリックス Hedera helix )を筆頭に、キヅタ( H. rhombea )とオカメヅタ( H. canariensis )で、園芸品種が数百にも及ぶバラエティ豊かな植物です。. ヘデラ・ヘリックス・ゴールデン・スターライト(Hedera helix 'Golden Starlight')です。 [57][58] The matrix portion of the composite is made of pectic polysaccharides. 特徴. Hedera helix 'Goldheart' Per abbellire pareti e recinzioni Questo rampicante risulta molto decorativo grazie alle stupende foglie verde scuro, impreziosite da un cuore dorato! canariensis)で、園芸品種が数百にも及ぶバラエティ豊かな植物です。特にセイヨウキヅタには、白や黄色の覆輪、中斑、散り斑、掃け込み斑、縞斑など美しい斑入り品種が数多くあります。 Non trovi la pianta che fa per te? The foliage provides dense evergreen shelter, and is also browsed by deer.[9][17]. The plants have to be cut off at the base, and the stumps dug out or killed to prevent regrowth.[54]. Spesso compaiono, agli apici dei rami, foglie completamente bianche. It is a weed in the Australian state of Victoria. "Beliebte immergrüne winterharte Kletterpflanzen", Plant for Wildlife: Common Ivy (Hedera helix), "Bauwerksbegrünung - Hinweise zum Energiesparen", "BRONCHOSTAD© Hustenlöser-Tropfen - STADA", Oregon bans sale of English ivy, butterfly bushes, "English ivy, Hedera helix (Apiales: Araliaceae)", "Ring in the holiday season and reduce the spread of invasive species! Contiene numerosi principi attivi grazie ai quali si presta a numerosi utilizzi curativi e cosmetici. Suggested uses Banks and Slopes, City, Cottage/Informal, Beds and borders, Ground Cover, Low Maintenance, Wallside and trellises It is considered a noxious weed across southern, especially south-eastern, Australia and local councils provide free information and limited services for removal. Hedera helix, the common ivy, English ivy, European ivy, or just ivy, is a species of flowering plant in the family Araliaceae, native to most of Europe and western Asia. 2 HEDERA helix 'Sagittifolia', marmorata 'Aurea' Clt. The northern and eastern limits are at about the −2 °C (28 °F) winter isotherm, while to the west and southwest, it is replaced by other species of ivy. Hedera helix is an evergreen climbing plant, growing to 20–30 m (66–98 ft) high where suitable surfaces (trees, cliffs, walls) are available, and also growing as groundcover where no vertical surfaces occur. The meaning is uncertain but the word may be cognate with the Ancient Greek ἴφυον (íphuon) meaning, not Hedera helix, but the (unrelated) Lavandula spica.[4]. [20], Over 30 cultivars have been selected for such traits as yellow, white, variegated (e.g., 'Glacier'), and/or deeply lobed leaves (e.g. It has insulating as well as weather protection benefits, dries the soil and prevents wet walls, but can be problematic if not managed correctly. Hedera helix is able to climb relatively smooth vertical surfaces, creating a strong, long lasting adhesion with a force of around 300 nN. The flowers are produced from late summer until late autumn, individually small, in 3-to-5 cm-diameter (1.2-to-2.0 in) umbels, greenish-yellow, and very rich in nectar, an important late autumn food source for bees and other insects. Genus and speciesCurly Variegated, curled hedera helixAn insiders’ tip from plant lovers is the curled hedera helix. Ivy, and especially European ivy (H. helix) grows vigorously and clings by means of fibrous roots, which develop along the entire length of the stems. Ivy extracts are part of current cough medicines. [21], The following cultivars have gained the Royal Horticultural Society's Award of Garden Merit:[22]. 'Sagittifolia'), purple stems, and slow, dwarfed growth. Hedera canariensis: originaria delle isole Canarie e dell’Africa settentrionale, questa specie molto vigorosa può raggiungere i 4-6 m. di altezza e presenta foglie di consistenza cuoiosa, lobate, a base cordata e di colore variabile dal verde del periodo estivo al verde-bronzo del periodo invernale con screziature verde-grigio e bianche diverse da foglia a foglia. As a result of its hardy nature, and its tendency to grow readily without human assistance, English ivy has attained popularity as an ornamental plant, and escaped plants have led to naturalisations outside its native range. La sua principale caratteristica è la rusticità: … [56] The glue-like substance is a nano composite adhesive that consists of uniform spherical nanoparticles 50-80 nm in diameter in a liquid polymer matrix. 浦島農園さんのオリ... ヘデラ・ヘリックス・バタフライ(Hedera helix 'Butterfly')です。シュートを少しづつ伸ば... ゼラニウム&アイビーゼラニウムが大好きです。 でも自宅で育てるには数が限られてしまい、数多くの品種や名無しでも素敵なゼラニウムを沢山見たいと思いコミュニティを... 我が家の母は良く果物から発芽させるわ 採ってきた花から根が付くという稀にみる。 雑草根性をもつ植物のブリーダー(?)(笑) 切った豆苗を水につけて再生してみたり... 「斑」入り植物が大好きです。 斑が入ってるだけでつい欲しくなったりしませんか? ご自慢の斑入り植物をぜひ投稿してください! お待ちしています☆ 楽しくお気楽に参加... 部屋に「緑」の癒しを。冬こそ!インドアグリーン~好評発売中『趣味の園芸』1月号の大特集, ブッシュ、シュラブ・ローズの冬剪定を極める~連載「"レジェンド"鈴木満男さんに教わるバラ栽培の奥義」第10回(1月号), つる性,耐寒性が強い,日陰でも育つ,初心者でも育てやすい,グラウンドカバーにできる,常緑性. Curly variegated can measure up to 300 centimetresand does not stand frost.Hedera helix goldheartAnother new eyecatcher is hedera helix goldheart. Hedera helix elegantissima è, senza dubbio, la varietà di edera a fogliame variegato più interessante nel Nord Italia. Careful planning and placement are essential. Ivy can climb into the canopy of young or small trees in such density that the trees fall over from the weight,[50] a problem that does not normally occur in its native range. HEDERA HELIX Questa specie molto diffusa, che rappresenta la comune edera, in Italia arriva a crescere fino a 15-30 m. di altezza. ACQUISTA QUESTA [45] With a great capacity for adaptation, ivy will grow wherever development conditions and habitat similar to that of its European origins exist, occurring as opportunistic species across a wide distribution with close vicariant relatives and few species, indicating recent speciation. Hedera Helix 'Hibernica' è una varietà vigorosa rustica, a vegetazione rapida per tutte le esposizioni. 8. In the United States, H. helix is considered weedy or invasive in a number of regions and is on the official noxious weed lists in Oregon and Washington. Hedera Helix ( o Edera comune) è una pianta rampicante molto decorativa. ヘデラの仲間のなかで園芸的に多く利用されるのは、セイヨウキヅタ(ヘデラ・へリックス Hedera helix)を筆頭に、キヅタ(H. In its mature form, dense ivy can destroy habitat for native wildlife and creates large sections of solid ivy where no other plants can develop.[50]. Genere Specie varietà hedera helix hibernica Altezza (cm) 800-900 Esposizione mo Zona 5-9 Vaso 08 Prezzo (euro) 2,5 Famiglia: Araliaceae L’altezza è compresa tra 800-900 cm, il colore del fiore è , resistenza massima al Le numerose varietà che derivano da ibridazioni si adattano ad ogni tipo di coltivazione sia da … In Europe, it is frequently planted to cover walls[18] and the Bavarian government recommends growing it on buildings for its ability to cool the interior in summer, while providing insulation in winter, as well as protecting the covered building from soil moisture, temperature fluctuations and direct exposure to heavy weather. It is a fast-growing, self-clinging climber that is capable of causing damage to brickwork, guttering, etc., and hiding potentially serious structural faults, as well as harbouring unwelcome pests. [42][43] People who have this allergy (strictly a type IV hypersensitivity) are also likely to react to carrots and other members of the Apiaceae as they contain the same allergen, falcarinol. Hedera … Additionally, ivy can quickly invade gutters and roofspaces, lifting tiles and causing blockages. Al genere hedera appartengono numerose specie di arbusti rampicanti, sempreverdi, diffusi nelle zone temperate dell'emisfero nord; H. helix è una specie molto diffusa in Europa e … The ability to climb on surfaces varies with the plants variety and other factors: Hedera helix prefers non-reflective, darker and rough surfaces with near-neutral pH. ], ivy is believed to have been spread back across the continent by birds once the continent warmed up again. [48] Like other invasive vines such as kudzu, H. helix can grow to choke out other plants and create "ivy deserts". [46], H. helix has been listed as an "environmental weed" by the Department of Conservation since 1990.[47].

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