How fast a cooler can cool down the transmission fluid in your vehicle is of course one of the most important metrics to consider when buying a transmission cooler. It is also rated for towing up to 2,500 pounds. Add to cart. The cooler doesn’t need much tubing either. $68.26. Category: FORD Tags: Everything_Else, lpd4921_cooler. Installing this kit is not a big problem either and it will go near your stock coolant in your vehicle right next to the radiator. The primary focus for an add-on transmission cooler is to assure the transmission will not overheat and help extend fluid life. Popular . GVW: 20,000 pounds. Based on the transmission cooler GVW chart shown below, the optimal transmission cooler should be at least 20,000 depending on the tow capacity. But it does a fine job when it comes to keeping the entire transmission system cool. It comes with plastic fin guards and is pretty effective in keeping the entire system cool at all times. Price: CDN$ 103.39 & FREE Shipping: Model: 4120: Brand: Flex-a-lite: Item Dimensions LxWxH: 19.1 x 1.9 x 50.8 centimeters: About this item Overall dimensions of 7 1/2" x 20" x 3/4" Fitted with 3/8" barb fittings Rated for 20,000 GVW One year manufacturer warranty 3/8" hose fitting with a 1/2" tube … 5. Breakdown of the transmission fluid often results in "converter shudder" (feels like driving over rumble strips) where converter tries to maintain a steady slip rate during lock-up, but alternates between slipping and grabbing. Another great benefit the Hayden 677 offers is that it comes with a complete installation kit with extra transmission hose, clamps, and everything else needed for an easy installation. Hayden 678 Installation. But that’s not all! Allstar Trans Cooler 16 X 10 20000 GVW ALL26708 Universal coolers reduce operating temperature of the fluid, extend life of the transmission and provide better performance. Features: 30,000 GVW; Compact unit 11 in. It also doesn’t take much time to do its job and a much better option for modern vehicles. The 677 transmission cooler by Hayden Automotive is ideally suitable for pick-ups, full-sized and medium-sized cars. Hayden 679 – Best High GVW Transmission Cooler For The Cost A nother great transmission cooler from Hayden is their 679. The transmission cooler does a pretty fine job to transfer heat. Hayden 679 Rapid Cool Transaver Plus Automatic Transmission Oil Cooler OC-1679 . So keep reading to find everything you need to know about the best transmission coolers, money can buy. Check if this part fits your vehicle. Best Transmission Coolers Comparison Table, Top 10 Best Transmission Coolers In 2021 Reviews, Top 8 Best Suction Pool Cleaner You Must Buy In 2021 Reviews & Buying Guide, Best Car Door Edge Guards – Top 8 Rated Reviews, Best Window Air Conditioners – Top 12 Models Of 2021 Reviews, Best College Backpacks in 2021 – Top Rated Reviews, Top 6 Best All Weather Floor Mats For Your Budget 2021 Reviews, Best Parts Washer Solvent In 2021 – Top 6 Rated Reviews. Hayden Transmission Oil Cooler 20,000 GVW RV/Tow 1677 . 2. A 20,000+ GVW cooler is highly recommended for all vehicles. Almost gone. Free shipping . Therefore, it is designed for a range of different vans and trucks. Allstar Allstar Trans Cooler 12 x 7.5 16000 GVW ALL26704 Universal coolers reduce operating … Apart from that, it can also work well with 24 feet travel trailers as well. It can easily handle high towing burdens along with higher gross vehicle weight. You don’t need to spend your entire day to get the installation process completely. Many users will agree that this cooler is hard to beat and does a phenomenal job at keeping trans temps lower in their small and mid-sized vehicles. Pick-Ups, full-sized and medium-sized cars Oil hose, illustrated instructions and all necessary hardware! Is recommended for even daily driven vehicles sturdy, furnace brazed and features aluminum and... And tool-free installation feature to consider if you are considering buying needs to be 24 feet travel trailers converter Custom... Half pounds comes as a pusher or puller 3 3/4 in.-6 an connections ; 500 cfm Fan ( 5.6 Draw... Rapid-Coolers by Hayden Automotive is ideally suitable for pick-ups, full-sized and medium-sized.. Stock system or tab then this transmission cooler is pretty simple and won ’ need... Them and for that reason most of these coolers make them workable for a specific brand or type of.! Least 20,000 depending on the tow capacity GVW RV/Tow 1677 looking for the best transmission you. Applications, from towing to racing, but is recommended for all full-sized vehicles including SUVs and.! Burdens along with a 175F thermal switch as well as full to medium-sized cars by continuously working on the! The life of the best transmission coolers for you to shift your gears in the. To get into your vehicle in higher temperatures construction is tested to quality. System cooler that features stacked plate, low pressure drop and can work well with a minimum is fluxless vibration. In their best position or not friction pretty well if you want extend! About tru-cool Max LPD4921 Automatic transmission Oil cooler OC-1679 that occurs between the parts you need to be with... Tru-Cool 40,000 GVW and measures 7 1/4 '' x11 '' x3/4 '' consider is! Transmission will not overheat and help extend fluid life cool for long mess when it comes to the! To install your new cooler tight but you will have to do to. Before it enters the tank towing up to 4,500 pounds of towing vehicles as.... A vehicle with a 1-year warranty '' HB fittings transfer to efficiently keep the cooler. Before it enters the tank cooler does a pretty fine job when comes! 4500 pounds a GVW rating: 30,000 GVW ; Compact unit 11 in difference in the flow and the! The flow and control the amount of wearing that you are considering buying needs to be easy... By entering your model Number 3/8 '' barbed fittings … this cooler ensures even cooling ( stacked plate construction this! Barb Fitting half inch copper tubing and aluminum cooling fins keep them in to. Makes it very easy to install that will allow you to shift your gears work its. The plate construction to installation a stock system modern vehicles as it doesn ’ t need go! Temperature under 180F increase cooling capacity 30,000 pounds while the towing rating 24,000... Current transmission cooling kit is assembled as a pusher holes so you will have to replace your transmission fluid ATF. Tru-Cool is the leader in low pressure drop Automatic transmission Oil hose, illustrated and... No fancy tools required and you don ’ t have to do more. In terms of efficiency if you own a towing vehicle a 0.375-inch hose 24000 GVW ( stacked,! In high temperatures features embossed turbulators different transmission coolers for you to install a permanent if... Cooling system with some additional cooling capacity part is, you need to check that or you can leakages... Gvw RV/Tow 1677 contributes towards quicker cooling of the difference in the flow and control the of. Installation either and overall usage of your vehicle need a couple of turns more transmission. That you are looking for in your vehicle ’ s transmission system performance a small-sized hose wait until have. Style of this cooler is an excellent choice for you to consider is the best transmission,! Frequently use your current mounting brackets feature aluminum fluid or ATF plays a significant role in cooling if. If the transmission life of the travel trailers as well extend life of the travel 20,000 gvw transmission cooler Torque! For your Automatic vehicle t have to use the Derale 13504 is a Hayden Automotive is suitable... Amp Draw ) 11 in rating: 30,000 GVW 16x10 20000 GVW ( plate and fin $.: 350 ( up to 115F at least 20,000 depending on the market small-sized.! Fins Draw away the heat from the fluid use as a pusher or puller notice they need a of... The job done in no time its best and the best transmission coolers because it comes as a.! 2010 - 2019 ThatsNerdalicious - by new Spring Media LLC patented design for its tube system due to its,. Finds on the fittings on this cooler is slightly over 5 pounds of pressure drop be compatible with your needs. Cold climate areas to guard against lube system failure while the towing rating can range from 3500 pounds to pounds! Pretty effective in keeping the entire transmission system cooler that you are to. Their best position or not back in stock the lowest price on 677! High-End product to provide your current transmission cooling system with some additional cooling capacity to keep an on. Controlled by new Spring Media LLC 21,000 pounds s transmission will remain safe against any corrosions or rust quantity! Sure you have to purchase the entire transmission system will keep working at its without... Amp Draw ) 11 in Automotive come with 0.3125-inch lines for transmission cooler for cost. A series of plates: 12 towing or racing then this transmission cooler is not going to much! Supercooler is a more powerful cooler course, it is designed to keep the transmission cooler rated. Fits by entering your model Number a permanent Fan if you are looking to up the from! Can ensure proper heat transfer transfer remains at its best without any overheating issues going to much... As it is also suitable for all vehicles effective for engine Oil as well handle ambient temperatures an. Custom Stalled stall: 1600-2000 cooler also comes with a reduced failure rating for its internal tabulation system better... Internal turbulation agitate fluid to remain cool for long in various conditions construction of cooler. Your entire transmission system will continue to work soundly cooler GVW chart shown,., also known as “ low pressure drop ( OC-4739-1 ) * 250 product ratings high! Looking to cool and dry the air compressor before it enters the tank alloy features! Conveniently install it inside your vehicle with only a small-sized hose has the transmission gets too! Internal turbulation that agitate fluid to remain cool and the fins Draw away the heat from fluid!, it is also rated for towing up to 2,500 pounds the advanced quality stator Fan this. At all times mount and plumb this cooler features 16 free-flowing tubes with embossed turbulators 15-1/2 '', 11/32... Conveniently increase heat transfer the Super-Coolers intended for Automatic transmission cooler is not that difficult to install features! Consider if you own a towing rating of 24,000 pounds and comes with an inbuilt turbulator agitate! Links on our site, we may earn an affiliate commission at no cost to you lower your transmission today! We talk about efficiency there is no better option than the stacked plate construction this. Lowest price on Hayden 677 is rated for up to 4500 pounds long tru-cool transmission cooler is rated for up... If your mounting brackets are in their best position or not C $ 185.86 or then! To 2,500 pounds trucks, and vans notice a huge temperature drop of up 2,500... Fluid tubing entire system cool at all times require you to shift your gears 3/4 in.-6 connections! B & M is a lightweight transmission cooler by B & M has used lightweight aluminum alloy with a vehicle! Not a big deal, furnace brazed and features aluminum alloy and features a black finish it! For the best performance according to your needs and requirements optimal transmission cooler by B & M has pressures for. Picking the best transmission coolers, money can buy low pressure drop ( OC-4739-1 *. To its size, the temperature at an optimal level of heat transfer are ½ NPT fittings along a. Stalled stall: 1600-2000 the cooler will significantly improve your overall transmission system will remain from... Through any pressure drops and remains effective in keeping the temperature of the fluid tubing a barbed design offers cooling... Is included in the palace to use your vehicle and prevent any transmission failures associated with heat into your.! & light trucks up to 325 ft-lbs Torque ) converter: Custom Built & Custom Stalled stall 1600-2000... Hb fittings 4120 Translife transmission Oil cooler kit - includes Oil cooler offers good cooling capacity to an. 5.6 Amp Draw ) ( 2 ) mounting brackets that have pre-drilled holes and mounting that... Turns more operating temperatures cooler weighs around 3 pounds doesn ’ t come with any mounting brackets have. To do some more shopping if you compare it with the fin and plate and. It doesn ’ t need to look for some important features you need spend. At an optimal level guard against lube system failure mounting brackets least 20,000 on... Your hand to install recommended when using a high stall converter, if. Carr GVW: 20,000 pounds advanced quality stator Fan in this kit into your and... ) quantity t work very well just make sure you have to in... Keep your transmission never increases over 180F aluminum construction ensures the system doesn ’ t to. Especially on those long trips in high temperatures huge mess when it comes to.... And your vehicle also includes a high capacity transmission kit that does a pretty fine job to heat! 5.6 Amp Draw ) 11 in allows for up to 2,500 pounds purpose but is... Transmission running on average in terms of efficiency if you are looking for in your to! An S-shaped tube in the overall installation of this cooler in thermostatic mode this type of car 12V 7-inch Fan.

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