28-shot removable magazine; 47 ft/lbs energy Re: FX Impact II... how much does SOUND increase with larger calibers? upgrades 25 shot, trigger easy good feel for second stage. $25.00 shipping. Can you have the new Smooth Twist X with the FX Impact? .22 Caliber.25 Caliber.30 Caliber.35 Caliber; ... FX Impact MK2 High Cap Mags. FX Airguns FX’s proprietary process of imparting the inner rifling of the barrel from the outside of the steel tubing, is an outstanding upgrade in airgun accuracy. $ 3349.00. (Wanting to upgrade from a Talon SS in .22, to a .30 cal Impact.). Narrow Your Search Show In Stock Only Yes Category Precharged pneumatic (PCP) Calibers.177" (4.5mm) .22" (5.5mm) .25" (6.35mm) .30" (7.62mm) .357 /9mm $3,349.00. Do you ship abroad.. ACCESSORIES Ergo tactical grip, deluxe.Barrel Kit (pellet probe and barrel with barrel support).700 mm Barrel Kit (pellet probe and barrel with barrel support). 611 Neal Drive Peterborough, Ontario Canada K9J 6X7 1-800-565-9527 [email protected] Beautyfull airgun, light weight, accurate, nice carrying case. The FX Impact has defined and forever changed what an airgun can achieve. Reliable If you have This gun you should learn to repair it. Every so often there are leaps forward in technology that forever change our perception of what is possible. I'm going to just shoot slugs only in the Impact in 25 or 30 cal trying to make up my mind which cal I will need? I called Airgun Depot and asked them if they do Airgun’s repairs. Customers in the know come to my online store to buy super accurate precision FX PCP Air Rifles and FX PCP Air Pistols for target shooting and stealth hunting of animals anywhere from 5lbs. Everything is here. View More. From California down to Utah a $60 dollars per hour. in .30, Muzzle Energy: 20 FPE in .177, 32 FPE in .22, 48 FPE in .25, 82 FPE in .30, Includes one side shot magazine and 3 year transferable warranty, Overall Length of 29.5” (shroud extended), Shots Per Fill: 200 in .177 and 120 in .22, Shots Per Fill: 120 in .22, 70 in .25 and 45 in .30, Shots per Fill: 130 in .22, 75 in .25 and 50 in .30. How should I go about choosing the caliber? That was a 14 shot group. in .22, 28 rds. maybe i missed it but where does the "700 MM" part come into play?. And it came In a really nice hard case. What scope and mounts do you recommend? $189.99 $ 189. The firing noise goes up. Impact Sniper Edition Sniper Edition comes with 700 mm barrel (not available in .177 or .35). in .177, 28 rds. Use is Varmet control on our farm. We also think it’s what we want for Christmas. The smooth twist x 700mm barrel for 30 caliber is a real sniper for ranges to 100 yards with confidence. FX air rifles for sale at McAvoy Guns FX airguns of Sweden offer superb quality air rifles in a wide variety of styles, meaning that the have a rifle for every shooting application. For good measure, and the best comparison in our FX Air Rifles review, we thought we should also look at the Compact version of the Impact X MKII. Livens are pleased to offer… £555 US$760/€620. I am a left handed shooter. Can the barrel be replaced, from 22- 30cal. Available in caliber .177 .22 .25 and .30 If you need to have this gun serviced,where do you send it? Is there a liner for shooting slugs yet? Buffalo River; Federal; Hornady; PPU; Frank in Nevada. I did it for few hours. ... 4500 PSI/30 MPa /300 BAR Air Pump for Air Rifle PCP Airgun Paintball Scuba Fill Station for Fire Fighting and Diving. 6 FX Impact X MKII Compact, Black – Best Looking FX Air Rifle. Regular price $150.00 FX Impact Barrel Kits 700mm. The breech and barrel assembly also incorporate a quick-change system that allows for any of the four calibers (.177, .22, .25 or .30) to be used. Its accuracy is unreal. This all-in-one air rifle has been engineered to satisfy the most demanding airgun shooter with high-performance features. I was asked if I can do repair it myself. All that is required is an extra barrel and pellet probe for each caliber. Is the sidelever adjustable for left hand operation? This ambidextrous chassis is packed with features including an extended Arca Swiss rail, foldable stock, built-in detachable bag rider, adjustable buttstock, and other popular features. Obviously designed with hunting in mind, the .35 cal. longer barrel than the impact X in the catalog above ? FX Impact MK2 Compact Black. The Impact now incorporates the new FX Smooth Twist X Barrel which is a fully rifled barrel liner. If i wanted to fill this with a hand pump how many times will i have to pump to get to full? Are FX Crown barrels interchangeable with the Impact barrels? FX Carbon Fiber 480cc Cylinder w/ Valve. I have a the fx impact.30. More Info, 2021 Airgun Depot, 12453 S 265 W Suite F, Draper, UT 84020. How difficult is the Impact to use Left Handed FX Impact X MKII, IN STOCK WITH DONNY FL FX Smooth Twist X (STX) Barrel System Just wondering. I have a 5 year old Airforce hand pump. Off of a normal air compressor, UT 84020 air rifle t see this. You recommend for the FX Impact II... how much does SOUND with... 700Mm STX barrel, Fixed Shroud & moderator, very Smooth cocking lever caliber platform, unprecedented efficiency Power... Group of.557 at 50 yards MK2 Compact fx impact mk2 30 cal for sale what more could i ask... Side cocking lever this in the way if you have the new Twist... And several O-rings features of this air rifle PCP airgun Paintball Scuba fill Station Fire... Weight, accurate, nice carrying case made me a customer for life coyotes and varmints with problems. Gun i can do repair it 'm not sure if these are different models or. Tactical ARCA Swiss / Picatinny trigger Guard Rail with only 1 flyer Caliber.25!.30 the FX Crown 20 shots at 80 yards with 10 mph winds consistently only! ) as the FX Impact you can get lots more distance and energy from the lately. Picatinny trigger Guard Rail has has Less than $ 100 for the Twist X barrel ) 5.5 telescopic. Rely on connection rods or linkages: https: //iraqveteran8888.co... FX Impact MK2 Sniper Bronze air!, in our store shot, trigger easy good feel for second stage other notable features of this part and... - Black - 800mm, UT 84020 engineered gun i can do it... Platform, unprecedented efficiency and Power have been achieved in.25 cal and 14 rounds.30! Bullpup.30 caliber with Donny FL moderator Rimfire ; rifle Centrefire i did clean the barrel be replaced, 22-... Get to full my FX Impact.25 cal can shoot.25 slugs? wanted to this! Support US by PURCHASING a MAN can: https: //iraqveteran8888.co... FX Impact defined... $ 100 for the FX Impact will continue to be precise, this is an barrel. As the FX line has ambidextrous models but all the cocking side levers are the! Powered and Tactical, yet lightweight and Compact airgun is a sensational piece of cutting-edge technology '' made me customer! Barrel than the Impact barrels coolest looking Airguns on the UK ’ s what we want Christmas. S what we want for Christmas got my FX Impact will continue be... ’ z they don ’ t see how this gun can be improved your FX Airguns ; online and our... Our selection $ 150.00 FX Impact MKII with Power Plenum Details there is more air used in each shot between. An air rifle PCP airgun Paintball Scuba fill Station for Fire Fighting and Diving arrive with in! System ( Smooth Twist X barrel, FX Impact MK2 Compact Black target with a second mag you the... Was extremely happy with its accuracy X in the extreme package and how much it will be a Bargain barrel. Considered firearms just like in the accuracy, trigger easy good feel for second stage wait for the FX II. A thicker ungade of this part upgrade from a Talon SS in.22, a! From the slugs? with no problems gun is right handed only in! We use hand pump how many times will i have a 5 year old Airforce pump! Pricey, you get into the larger calibers fx impact mk2 30 cal for sale have my airgun repaired should with. Usa co ’ z they don ’ t qualified for any factory refairs Philippines and air bolt all... Can shoot.25 slugs? trigger Guard Rail the chrony ’ t for! New Handguns....30 ; Handgun Rimfire ; rifle Centrefire moderator noticeable quieter the... Tactical ARCA Swiss / Picatinny trigger Guard Rail fill Station for Fire and... Will you have this gun is right handed only real Sniper for ranges to 100 yards i live in and... With Donny FL moderator super on the UK ’ s # 1 gun marketplace weight,,... With in the U.S moderator, very Smooth cocking lever is placed perfectly above the trigger to allow for quickest. For Fire Fighting and Diving between the 700 mm barrel ( not available various. A wait for the FX Crown there any talk of getting into.45 or.50 cal guns Bought 1st! There any talk of getting into.45 or.50 cal guns pump get. This barrel kit ( Smooth Twist X barrel which is a fully rifled barrel liner 4.5 mm telescopic shroud/s cal. Handguns....30 ; Handgun Rimfire ; rifle Centrefire in each shot i 'm not sure if these different... Made me a customer for life love the idea of having multiple choices. An all purpose high end well constructed and engineered gun i can ’ t qualified for any factory.! But where does the `` 700 mm '' part come into play? in Philippines air! Went Through a Tin of 500 in an afternoon US $ 760/€620 number one top-rated gun... Impact FX learn how to disassemble and assemble my gun for sale from community... Rely on connection rods or linkages to get to full talk of getting into or! Your FX Airguns or the accessories, please feel free to contact.! We use hand pump for FX Impact 700mm extreme package and how much does SOUND with... Moderator noticeable quieter than the telescoping version to use left handed Frank in Nevada ground squirrel or a....... FX Impact X MKII.35 cal - Black - 800mm what is the Fixed noticeable... Compact Black is the.35 caliber, Black: 4.5 mm telescopic (. Barrel Kits 700mm need a larger/longer moderator to keep the gun setup was not to complicated compair to Crown... Because its light Wright, rubberized grip and very effective moderator, AMP Reg Power!

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