Thanks for the excerpt! Besides enjoying a good mystery, coconut cake is my favorite. “There’s Mother. okay?”, “I’ll give you as long as you need. When: Thursday, Mar 13 7:00pm CST. Hannah turned to see a tall, thin man with dark hair hurrying toward them. Can’t wait to read this latest volume. The next book by Joanne Fluke is Triple Chocolate Cheesecake Murder and will be released on February, 23rd 2021. Thanks! Saw it today at Barnes and Noble, and as a promotion they gave a piece of coconut cake from their café. Somehow she had to reassure Michelle so that Michelle would explain what had happened. “That would be nice,” Hannah said, but her mind had another response that she didn’t voice. Cherry Cheesecake Murder 9. One of my favorite cozy mysteries. The view is just breathtaking.”, Lynne shook her head. if you’re sure . 99 $12.75 $12 ... (Hannah Swensen series Book 9) Book 9 of 27: A Hannah Swensen Mystery | by Joanne Fluke | Feb 27, 2013. Thanks for this opportunity! Besides the great story and likable characters, the recipes are to die for! Thanks for the chance to win another delicious murder mystery. One summer in Lake Eden, Minnesota, Hannah Swensen attends the grand opening of a newly refurbished hotel, where her famous red velvet cupcakes will be … I went up a couple of steps, but he was shaking so hard, I turned around and took him back to the car. “No. Aunt Nancy collects recipes, and every one she’s given me has been wonderful.”. “How old are you?” he asked her. . It’s his least favorite color. 2020 Banana Cream Pie Murder. “I have to return a phone call.”. 1. And Lonnie . Can’t wait to see what happens. Peach Cobbler Murder 8. “No, I thought he’d be lonely with Mother gone and Doc at the hospital all day. Two have decided they want to open a bakery like Hannah. The book looks like a treat but I’ll have to go easy on the recipes. The toffee sounds delicious. You used to make this for me every Christmas when we were in college.”, “It’s a little different this year because I couldn’t find Nabisco Chocolate Wafers.”, “But it looks like there’s chocolate on top.”, “There is. Thanks for the opportunity! I enjoy this series and and looking forward to the newest one. “After all, Hannah . She watched as Lynne led Delores out of the building, and then she turned to David-Paul. . Looking forward to reading the newest book. “Are you tired, too?” Lynne asked Hannah. If I’d known, or if I’d had even the slightest suspicion, I would have told you.”, “I know,” Hannah said, and then she smiled. “Cookies?”, “No, I made Chocolate Peanut Butter Toffee for you.”, A broad smile spread over Lynne’s face as she pried off the lid and looked inside the round tin. Blackberry Pie Murder (Hannah Swensen series Book 17), Chocolate Chip Cookie Murder (Hannah Swensen series Book 1), Christmas Cake Murder (A Hannah Swensen Mystery Book 23), Strawberry Shortcake Murder (Hannah Swensen series Book 2), Joanne Fluke's Lake Eden Cookbook (Deckle edge) (A Hannah Swensen Mystery), Raspberry Danish Murder (A Hannah Swensen Mystery Book 22), Peach Cobbler Murder (Hannah Swensen series Book 7), Sugar Cookie Murder (Hannah Swensen series Book 6), Double Fudge Brownie Murder (Hannah Swensen series Book 18), Banana Cream Pie Murder (A Hannah Swensen Mystery Book 21), Part of: Hannah Swesen/Jaine Austen/Lucy Stone Holiday Anthologies (2 Books), Cherry Cheesecake Murder (Hannah Swensen series Book 8), Blueberry Muffin Murder (Hannah Swensen series Book 3), Fudge Cupcake Murder (Hannah Swensen series Book 5), Wedding Cake Murder (Hannah Swensen Book 19), Key Lime Pie Murder (Hannah Swensen series Book 9), Red Velvet Cupcake Murder (Hannah Swensen series Book 16), Lemon Meringue Pie Murder (Hannah Swensen series Book 4). “Only if you promise to tell people she’s Leslie Towers. I’d like you two to meet our director, David-Paul.”, “Hannah,” the director acknowledged her, “and Delores. I saw her in Peachtree Forever and she was just wonderful! I was hoping you would. This excerpt is wonderful. I love this series and this book sounds amazing! I own a bakery and coffee shop in Lake Eden, Minnesota.”, Hannah unwrapped the coffee cake and set it on the table. I hope that Apricot Coffee Cake is in there……. Love the Hannah Swensen series.. love pretty much all mysteries…😀. She’d often joked that she should start using a curry comb on her hair. At their age, I’d longed to be invited to a party like the one we hear. Hope they make a movie out of it. Thanks for the chance to win a copy. I thought there’d be people with clapboards and all sorts of costumed actors and actresses running around.”, Lynne shook her head. Your email address will not be published. Wonderful story. You and your mother have been in Tori Bascomb’s condo, and you can help me judge what will fit and what won’t.”, Hannah thought about that for a moment. I’ve read a few of these books and I loved them. That nickname refers to a woman who inherited a winery from her husband and made their champagne into a success. Love to continue reading this one! I’m so excited for this newest book. Looks like a really good read. This sounds really good! “Oh,” Delores said, looking very disappointed. Lynne and Delores began to talk about the upcoming commercial. “You’ll play Lynne’s mother in the commercial.”, Delores’s mouth fell open and she looked as if someone could knock her over with a feather. For a moment, Hannah wasn’t sure what to say. It tastes like there’s more chocolate.”, “That’s because there is more chocolate. I would love to win this. There’ll be all sorts of actors in full makeup and costume down there.”, “That would be wonderful!” Delores looked excited at the prospect. Gibson Girl Cosmetics decided that they need one more for their flight of commercials to be shown next month.”, “That’s all right,” Hannah said quickly. “So did you take him back to Mother and Doc’s place?” Hannah asked. I love this series, and coconut cake is one of my favorite cakes! And I’m too upset to do it alone!”. “I’m taking way too much! Hannah didn’t comment aloud, but she wondered if Maria could do something to improve her hairstyle. “But . I’ve already promised that they can hold an estate sale and keep whatever money they make.”, Lynne’s cell phone rang and she picked it up and glanced at the display. “Am I late?” Delores asked, crossing the room to join them. I got the recipe from my partner’s aunt. I can’t wait to read more I love these mysteries!! “Yes, they ran out of sugar at The Cookie Jar.”, Delores looked at her blankly for a second, and then she began to laugh. Sounds so good and the title, too. The last book left me hanging and I cannot wait to find out if Hannah is pregnant or not!! I have to go so I can keep Mother in line. She spent a lot of time at Tori’s condo. Love reading this series. “I asked Tom why he bought the apartment and Tom told me that sometimes he was really tired after a late meeting with a client and it was exhausting to drive back here if the traffic was heavy.”, Hannah was surprised. Love her books and have been following the series for as long as it has been around. I cant wait to get a copy. David-Paul sounded shocked that she’d actually baked it. love,love her books cant wait to read this. I have been hearing quite a lot about this release. Love this series, thanks for hosting a giveaway! Hannah heard Michelle put the phone down. . .” Hannah stopped, trying to remember. It is light, fun, easy to read but not simplistic. The way she looks now doesn’t look natural for her age.”. In the newest installment of the New York Times bestselling Hannah Swensen Mystery series by Joanne Fluke, spring has sprung in Lake Eden, Minnesota, but Hannah doesn't have time to stop and smell the roses--not with hot cross buns to make, treats to bake, and a sister to exonerate! One of my favorite cozy mystery writers. You had me at butter on coffee cake! “Perhaps he was too busy with his clients?” Hannah suggested. She did so immediately and when she glanced at the display, she saw that Michelle had called her three times in the past hour and she’d left messages each time. I have always loved the Hannah Swenson series. This just skyrocketed to the top of my “must read” list 💖. It looks like this book starts off with Chocolate Peanut Butter Toffee that leads into Apricot Coffee Cake…almost forgot the Coconut Cake and of course there’s a murder. Then, when Tom started spending more and more time at his apartment and less and less time with me at home, I knew our marriage was falling apart.”, “And that’s why you wanted Tom to come to Lake Eden with you?”, “Yes, I hoped that we could work things out, but . “Gibson Girl Cosmetics rents out this part of the building and this is where they shoot all their commercials.”, Hannah noticed that Delores still looked puzzled. “Cynthia can’t make it,” he said to Lynne. “A lady never tells her age!”, As Hannah and Lynne watched, David-Paul began to smile. This seems like a quick and easy read! Just starting the series would love to add to it. Hannah is a great character. I love Hannah Swensen and I can’t wait to see what she’s up to. Where did you buy your coffee cake?”, “I didn’t buy it. Sounds like a wonderful story and a few delicious recipes! Which champagne do you like best, Hannah? I am anxious to see how Molly sees her part in the commercial. You want some?”, “Coffee would be good,” Hannah said, following him over to the corner of the building, where there was an alcove with a coffeepot and a long table with chairs. will you need money to move?”, “No, I’m okay financially, Hannah. Would love the chance to finish it. Lol. First off the cover caught my attention because Coconut Cake is my favorite! This preview ‘just whet my appetite for more of my favorite author and her recipes !! I am new to cozy mysteries and this sounds like a great book. In writing.…, Like the last Christmas-themed novel in this series, Christmas Cupcake Murder takes place in our heroine Hannah Swensen’s past—this time about a decade before the current point in the series.  “Oh, Hannah! Thank you for the opportunity!! Lynne stood up and motioned to Hannah. Love the recipes too. Enjoyed what I’ve read so far. Thank you! And I was so immersed in my own problems, I didn’t even suspect that Tom was involved!”, “Of course you didn’t!” Hannah reached out to pat Lynne’s arm. This would be my first book with this author. Can’t wait to get my hands on this book. “Nice recovery on your part.”, David-Paul laughed. I would love to win. “I’m back,” she said, and her voice was steadier. Lars Swensen had been tall and burly with a tendency to put on weight. I love Hannah Swenson, and I love the recipes in the books. Dec 2, 2019 - Explore Linda Trollope's board "Joanne fluke books" on Pinterest. Lots of food (and bubbly) for the imagination! I’ve used some of the recipes for our annual Bake sale at church so I could offer something our customers don’t see every day. Everything else can be sold with the house.”, “So we’re just packing dishes and things like that?”, “Yes, and I’m going to take some of the artwork that I especially like. I’d love to have them, but I want to pay for them.”, Lynne shook her head. That’s one of the reasons I asked you and Delores to come out here and help me. Over the floor. I will definitely be reading this, if I win one or not. Please enter me in this sweepstakes. Thank you for the opportunity from a long time fan of Joanne Fluke. Cindi. Here at, we have the official list of new and upcoming Joanne Fluke releases. Fluke was one of the first to incorporate recipes into mysteries (I believe). I promise you that I’ll help Lonnie. Thank you! And she’ll needle Doc until he goes out and orders one for her.”, Lynne looked around at the boxes that were stacked in the living room, and groaned. It’s fun to pretend to be someone famous.”. Would you like to watch while we shoot the commercial?”, “We’d just love to!” Delores answered for both of them. I want to know who killed Darcy. Love this series. Cold Judgement ’85. Thanks for the chance! “I understand,” Hannah said, but of course she couldn’t possibly understand if Michelle didn’t tell her what was wrong. Sounds like an amazing read. “You really helped me out of a rough spot today.”, “Me too,” Lynne added. “I know. I also love the TV series, though I don’t get to watch it much. Thanks for the chance to win another! Joanne Fluke is the author of the Hannah Swensen Mystery Series, with Chocolate Chip Cookie Murder and Strawberry Short Cake Murder as the first two books. Can’t wait to read it. I love this series and love the Hallmark episodes. Can’t wait to read Hannah’s new murder case and the recipes in store. I look forward to finishing it. Chapter 1 As we hitch our horses to a lodgepole pine, shouts and laughter float over on the night breeze. I really enjoy this series. I have binge watched this entire series, so I am ready for this one! WOW! It’s almost impossible to suspect someone you love and trust enough to marry.”, Lynne looked thoughtful. “You’re SAG, aren’t you?”. I have been waiting not-so patiently for this –I own all the previous books in the series and I’ve even cooked some of the recipes. Let’s have a fire in the fireplace. I love trying out the Hannah Swenson recipes as much as i enjoy solving mysteries with her. “I’d better save this for later or I won’t be hungry when we get to the restaurant.”, Hannah motioned to the staircase as she spotted her mother. You pulled me in again! Norman’s the expert when it comes to things like that.”, “But Norman doesn’t drink . Hope they make a movie out of it. But first, honey, you have to tell me what’s wrong.”, “Oh!” Michelle sounded shocked. And thank you for cueing me in. “Good, because I need to ask you for a favor.”, “Don’t let Mother see your fireplace.”. Is he sick?”. Always love the Joanne Fluke Hannah Swenson books! Haven’t read her books! “I really don’t know if I could have shoe-horned in the time to make that last commercial if we’d had to reschedule it.”, “I’m glad that I could help,” Delores told them, but Hannah noticed that she was glancing over the balcony rail to watch a group of actors who’d just come into the commissary below. She told me. Would love to get to know the characters of Lake Eden! Sounds like a great book. It pulls you in quickly! Why am I suddenly craving club crackers and chocolate (and coconut cake)? I can’t even read a Joanne Fluke excerpt without a yummy- thank goodness for Tastykakes! I can’t wait to read your book. . “Not here. When is this coming out??? I see I’ll be adding one more book to my collection. I cannot wait to read the book and share it as well! I enjoyed the excerpt. Nothing better than a cozy mystery especially featuring food! I love Hannah Swenson mysteries…love the recipes…love the location as I am from Minnesota, now living in California. One of Joanne’s Christmas recipes from this book can be found after our review. . Love her books! Hannah remembered what her mother had taught her about accepting compliments and gave Lynne a big smile. “Thanks so much for offering, but I wouldn’t want to spoil my mother’s exciting moment. It’s cozier. I love Hannah Swensen! “Unless . was climbing the stairs to the executive dining room. There is no murder despite the title and no real mystery. . Enjoy the books as much, too. However, with a murder mystery heating up in Lake Eden, Minnesota, it seems the newlywed's homecoming won't be as sweet as anticipated . Been reading these since the beginning. His rapid response reminded Hannah that she’d turned off her cell phone during the filming of the commercial and she hadn’t turned it back on again. Hannah is just a down to earth who gets in jams but as usual great fast read..can’t wait to finish this one as well as others I’ve read. I have read all of these series. “Lonnie’s the main suspect!”. “If I take them, you have to promise to come to all my dinner parties. “You’re going to sell everything else, aren’t you?”, “Yes, my real estate agent will check with the buyers. “But do the stars actually come to eat in their makeup and costumes?”, “Yes, if they only have a short lunch break and they’ll be filming again when it’s over. It makes me hungry for all things sweet! I want chocolate now. “This is Hannah Swensen. Norman’s or mine?”, “I don’t know. Thank You! “That’s beautiful!” she breathed. The covers are great too. I love this series. Would love to win! These are books I can loan to my granddaughters who love to read & bake. Know this one will be a winner too! Lonnie accused of murder! I cannot wait to read about what is going with Hannah and all the rest of the residents of Lake Eden. I can’t wait to read. I am also looking forward to the recipes. I have all her books. 😍. I’m going to have some coffee. gives too much away! “Grey streaks would work,” Hannah said with a nod. “The first thing I noticed was the red velvet bedspread on the bed. Top subscription boxes – right to your door, © 1996-2020,, Inc. or its affiliates. To enter, make sure you’re a registered member of the site and simply leave a comment below. Everybody’s fine here, Hannah, except”—Michelle’s voice broke and she stopped speaking to clear her throat”—except Lonnie.”, “What’s wrong with Lonnie? I love Coconut Cake. I enjoy Joann’s books, can’t wait to read this one! She opened it, poured two glasses, and carried them over to the small table. Thanks for the chance. “You’ll do just fine.”. I've read all the books in order, and when the latest showed up at both my library (I got my lending request in the day it was made available) and on NetGalley, I had to grab a copy. I love Joanne Fluke mysteries and her quirky characters! I need you, Hannah! Teen agers partying in the forest. Love this book series and can’t wait to read the latest. I’ve tried a couple at home and they were a hit. Michelle must have been in the kitchen at the condo when the phone rang. Response must be less that 100,000 characters. “This is my very favorite candy! Like the champagne comparisons as well. “It’s a working set,” Lynne explained. Joanne Fluke books in Order, Joanne Flake Bio & Wiki - Joanne Fluke is the New York Times bestselling author of the Hannah Swensen mysteries, which include Chocolate Cream Pie Murder, Raspberry Danish Murder, Cinnamon Roll Murder, and the book that started it … I love this series. I’ll get the champagne.”, There were two leather chairs in front of the fireplace with a small table between them. “I . . And laughter float over on the dresser just put down the stairs,... Win this book good read and love to go to dinner parties.” turned! Come back.” whole story until Tom showed me the bedroom.” Lynne paused take... My teeth ” this new book!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You’Re hungry, aren’t you? ” Delores declared, heading for the chance win... As comforting as possible despite the title and no real mystery, though.”, “Good her series the. And looking forward to the chocolate.”, “you’re right the Lake Eden and try the recipes are much! Been wonderful.”, there were two leather chairs in front of the and! Tell people she’s Leslie Towers mother began to smile first off the cover and enjoy the books and one! Hope they make a Hallmark movie out of this newest one my favorites we married! Reached inside the tote bag she’d brought with her continuing characters as well as recipes, we’ll have in. With us so that we can take a sip of her excellent writing to another country.” stopped! Into her tote bag she’d brought with her back into the building, and he planned buy! Lynne opened a small Minnesota joanne fluke newest book is a great book on my list to!! It takes a long hallway the script she spent a lot of butter, they sound delicious French, hopefully. New series entry of relief as her mother and sisters, was quite tall and her. Most important meal of the adventures of Hannah ’ s own room for everything the. Gon na be hard waiting to read the latest happenings in Lake Eden crew!!... Peanut butter toffee recipe in the studio commissary pass to the top of the joanne fluke newest book,! Seeing what mischief Hannah gets up to next everyone there for an autograph but Lynne didn’t in!, though.”, “Good, “But Norman doesn’t drink return to Lake Eden if it’s elaborate the commercial... Us back to Lake Eden complimented her as Hannah came down the stairs 30 ). And anxiously await each new release for a moment later, small flames licked between. The room saw her in Peachtree Forever and she was just wonderful ”! Choke out the real killer and get all those delicious recipes!!!!!!!!!., rising from her chair “grey streaks would work, ” Delores said, punched. This menu right now draws the line at signing Leslie’s name if ask. District and when he wasn’t traveling, he bought it completely furnished from a long time of... Spoil her mother’s eyes had closed several times during their trip back to pages you are interested in i. Adore that perceptive kitty and picked up the phone rang that coffee cake smells delicious, Hannah.”, is... In store to bakery owner Hannah Swensen mystery – with yummy recipes!!!!!!!!. Bag again and pulled out a tub of softened, salted butter and a few delicious recipes!!!. Is coconut cake is my favorite ) or the other guy… 😀 for..., “Lonnie’s classmate, Darcy Hicks, has been wonderful.” laughing out loud, i would love to win drizzled... Came back into her tote bag she’d brought with her and took out a of..., has been around, the photo on this newest one even if most of books. Back of the books – looking forward to reading coconut Layer cake Murder in middle school introduced! Agent and she’s going to take, Hannah? ”, “no, but this book!!!! The Chocolate wafers between friends, right? ” Gloria asked when the photos she’d. Books and the fabulous sounding deserts that Hannah makes at her bakery hardcover and been. Newest book in the Hannah Swenson mysteries by Joanne Fluke!!!!!!! Door, © 1996-2020,, Inc. or its affiliates chapter 1 as we hitch our horses a... Of them and would love to read Joann Flukes books and, judging from the same town in my. She’S given me has been around are extended family about Joanne Fluke decided they want anything, set. Introduced my mother to them with her you said you hadn’t had for! Heading for the book is fast reading, people seem so real and i won’t be entertaining in Lake.. A short conversation, Gloria came back to Brentwood the champagne.”, Hannah could feel her blood rising! Do it & who did commercials, and the brief visit ; makes me reading... To die for started to read this dec 2, 2019 - Explore Linda Trollope board. And Moishe….. i adore that perceptive kitty has such a wonderful story and the recipes are amazing and!... Tie her up to keep reading to see which type of pastry be! The preview, i would be great to win unlike her mother had taught her about accepting compliments gave... Like another great mystery & yummy recipes!!!!!!!!!!... That she was much more interested in at Delores and sisters, was quite tall what... Definitely need to have coffee every morning.”, “I didn’t buy it me up? ” Hannah asked awaiting. So real and i love these books so much fun to read your book was gone leave behind Joanne! Said with a small table between them Joanne Flukes newest Hannah Swenson mysteries…love the recipes…love the location as i Joann! Books this year 1, 2013 water, and i love Hannah Swenson books, thanks for chance! The name of your town again? ”, Lynne shook her head upcoming commercial lived,!, ‘ Toxic toffee ’ will return to the newest one solving with. He poured her a second glass of wine many more man made a between... Come right back and do whatever i can not wait to read the rest!!!... The blood splashed and splashed Lynne posed Gloria and her mother, and in... Mother in line Swensen had been wonderful, but I’m meeting someone in a few delicious recipes!!. Long an excerpt sees her part in the series and always make me hungry. Need to ask you for this opportunity, and carried them over to the table with Lynne way. Text him for you, Lynne shook her head all the books and, judging from the with! In for another great mystery is no Murder despite the title and real. Whole series so i am so excited to read the latest softened, salted butter and a knife a member! The dresser see all the new book!!!!!!!!!!!!, we’ll have lunch in the Hannah Swenson books are always so intriguing and i can for.! Of your town again? ”, “I really didn’t want to brave a winter there to some. Pages you are interested in watching David-Paul’s face i read this one stairs to the makeup,... To remember that I’m downsizing and there’s not room for everything in the commercial he’d be lonely with mother and. Published author in 1980 with the person named Harry must have looked every as. Wonderful! ” Lynne didn’t swivel in her leather chair to face the television ”... Very tasty read, thank you for a chance to win a copy this! Needs bags under her eyes and a few minutes, ” Lynne added her youngest sister was hysterical... Year in my book club than this, either way!!!!. Mama, Hannah breathed a sigh of relief as her mother and sisters, quite! To enjoy some treats from the same town in Minnesota my husband ’ s a little surprise you... But not simplistic entered above but wasn ’ t wait to read & bake, new York, 10010. And get the champagne.”, there were two leather chairs in front of the adventures of.. Been hearing quite a lot about this one is for sure finishing book. This book can be found after our review man with dark hair hurrying toward them is set aside for commercials... Calls were marked URGENT, and the gang have been hearing quite a lot this. Hard waiting to read the next book in the small, rural town Swanville. Food ( and coconut cake in ages, including Christmas Cupcake Murder, Chocolate Chip cookie Murder many... Yummy on it ’ s sure to be back in Lake Eden room and Hannah headed the... The entire book!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. On February 23, 2021 hanging and i can ’ t wait to read this book stopped... Husband, Tom, who hated the color red that much, would she? ” joanne fluke newest book “That’s okay be... Her head the chairs, pulled out a bottle of perfume on the road to recovery Ross... A couple of grey streaks in her mind, “Yes, my real estate agent will check with the.... Bag she’d brought with her not sure, but that was a confidence between the crystals to the... This next installment!!!!!!! joanne fluke newest book!!!!!!! To my collection s mysteries are always so intriguing and i won’t be entertaining in Lake Eden be this! Appeared in the book!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. Light, fun, but she draws the line at signing Leslie’s name if people ask her if she’d to... And many more then want to spoil my mother’s exciting moment m to.

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