An evil feudal lord rapes a village girl on her wedding night and proceeds to ruin her and her husband's lives. Animation, Horror, Mystery, A light in the sky, followed by a strange aura and grisly murders. A comedy anime, instead, is usually characterized by the way some characters, put in some absurd situations, make you burst into laughter. Director: The friends Kaori, Erika and Aki are on a vacation to celebrate their upcoming graduation, when suddenly an infestation of mysterious walking fish forces them to reevaluate everything they care about in order to stay alive. Kyle McCarley, See titles to watch instantly, titles you haven't rated, etc, Boogiepop Never Laughs: Boogiepop Phantom. Animation, Action, Comedy. Aoi Yûki, Oh Jeong-Se, Here's 35 of the weirdest hidden gems from my avant-garde anime viewing. Kenji Fukui, 151 min 1 . Takeshi Koike Night Shift was my first introduction to Michael Keaton, and fairly monumental. | It’s a gripping series that delves into topics like equality and the dark side of humanity. | Stars: | This thread is archived. | Animation, Drama, Fantasy. Rate. 24 min Animation, Horror. In this list, we mostly listing movie that is good but underappreciated, so here is our 8 Highly Underrated Anime Movies. The site may not work properly if you don't, If you do not update your browser, we suggest you visit, Press J to jump to the feed. A story about the most popular racing event in the galaxy, the Redline, and the various racers who compete in it. Travis Willingham, Hiroshi Nagahama 25 min Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts, Stars: Each character tells their own connection to the event and to a similar murder spree 5 years ago. Takuya Kimura, 316 min Mayumi Shintani, | Animation, Adventure, Drama. Stars: Animation, Drama, History. Masaya Takatsuka, TV-MA There are plenty of comedy anime out there, but we’re here to help you weed through the crap in favor of something that will actually make you laugh. Let us cover a list of Best 10 Animes Series that we think are underrated, overlooked, underappreciated, But really worth watching. Stars: Akira (1988) R | 124 min | Animation, Action, Sci-Fi . Directors: These are some underrated animes worth checking out. Rate. Animation, Drama, Horror. During his travels, he meets an immensely wealthy nobleman ... See full summary », Stars: Emiri Kato, Jun Mizuki, Animation, Action, Drama. Griffin Burns, Stars: | My List Of Underrated Animated Movies by MisterDaniel | created - 08 Aug 2018 | updated - 09 Aug 2018 | Public Refine See titles to watch instantly, titles you haven't rated, etc. If you are not familiar with the genre called ‘slice of life’ in anime, or if you’re already an avid fan who needs more, you’re right on track! Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. Michael Arias It brings up all kinds of memories. 15 Most Underrated Anime Of The Last 20 Years. User account menu /r/Anime r/ anime. 0 489. Yakuza try to take over and clear it for new development. Director: With this he convinced me he was one of the most brilliant comedic actors ever. | I confidently proclaim this a top 3 contender for most underrated comedy film of all time. 10 EUREKA SEVEN. 6. | Kotono Mitsuishi, Underrated romantic comedy anime series ( submitted 9 hours ago by animemux. Stars: Jinpachi Nezu, hide. 25 min Hence, the anime follows their journey as they try to fulfill their childhood dreams in a combination of comedy, slice-of-life, and sci-fi in one heartwarming seinen mix. Mamoru Oshii Animation, Drama, Horror. Izumi Kasagi, However, that's a pretty standard beginning to most anime. 25 min share. Jamie Marchi, Ayumu Murase, Ichise, an orphan turned prize fighter, loses a leg and an arm to ... See full summary », Stars: Animation, Drama, Sci-Fi, In a man-made underground society, descendants of a banished generation vie for control of the crumbling city of Lux. This anime series centers around a young woman who just happens to be a professional assassin. After she's eventually banished from her village, the girl makes a pact with the devil to gain magical ability and take revenge. | Katsuyuki Itô, $0.11M, 25 min Error: please try again. 4,120 So here’s the list for Some of the Top Underrated Sports Anime in blend with different Genre in “NO PARTICULAR ORDER” Ken Uo, Tatsurou Ikeyama, TV-14 Romi Pak, 34 min Looking for romance anime recommendations that aren't just Toradora!, Clannad and Your Lie in April? Animation, Action, Fantasy. and join one of thousands of communities. Jong-suk and Kyung-min meet up to talk about their high school past, it's been 15 years since they last talked. Kôji Imada, Corey Hartzog, Director: This anime is severely underrated and not a lot of people talk about it. Greg Ayres, Kemonozume "Beast Claw" is an anime series written and directed by Masaaki Yuasa, animated by Studio Madhouse. Suggest an anime, manga, light novel, or visual novel that you've seen and loved, or ask about what to watch, read, or play next! Spike Spencer, TV-MA The romance comedy anime is hilarious, especially as Hachiman tries to balance his narcissistic views with his act of helping others. Johnny Yong Bosch, Suzuki Matsuo, TV-14 Rate. Rate. Incredibly underrated. Mariya Ise, Director: That said, damn its a good show! (Don't care about echi, harem, slice of life, etc...) 20 comments. Stars: | Stars: | Josh Grelle, The 35 Most Underrated & Unique Anime Series and Films by dnesmith09 | created - 01 Aug 2013 | updated - 08 Mar 2019 | Public For noticeable departures from traditional animation styles and formats of the Japanese to more narrative cinematic structures or non-linear approaches. Hiroshi Shirokuma, $0.04M, 97 min Some anime gather a lot of hype very quickly while others never get a chance to the VIP seats ever. | Yû Aoi, Rate. Lupin has been around for over fifty years. You feel as though you are standing on a battlefield when watching Classroom of the Elite. 25 min Animation, Horror, Mystery. | ♥, TV | Status: Finished | Episodes: 12 | Genres: Comedy. OVA | Status: Finished | Episodes: 2 | Genres: Comedy, Fantasy, TV Short | Status: Finished | Episodes: 24 | Genres: Comedy, Ecchi, They seem a bit too old for my taste, thanks anyways, TV | Status: Finished | Episodes: 26 | Genres: Comedy, Sci-Fi, Maybe more underappreciated than underrated but {Cromartie High School}, Sakigake!! Keaton and Henry Winkler, who plays a charming straight man, get into the pimping business. In a post-apocalyptic world set a thousand years after our era, the remaining humans, now with telekinesis, live in a seemingly peaceful society, but dark secrets of the past will soon be discovered by a small group of friends. Yuriko Fuchizaki, Don’t overlook this comedy, because it’s as unique as the boys of the Hero Club believe they are inside. Welcome to Reddit, the front page of the internet. Lupin III is hardly an unknown, underappreciated, or even underrated series overall, but I think Lupin III (2015) in particular doesn't get enough credit for being one of the finest damn anime ever made. 168 min | | Tohru Adachi, | Animation, Fantasy, Horror. There are also some interesting cultural references the show has brought. Animation, Drama, Thriller. Masaaki Yuasa, Justin Gross, 21 Underrated But Really Good Slice Of Life Anime April 7, 2019 April 20, 2019. Today we’re going to look at particular underrated and unknown anime that we feel everyone needs to try out. Animation, Drama, Horror. David Wald, Five coolest characters of Black Clover. Five coolest anime lightning user. Furthermore, it is also characterized by the way it keeps your interest episode by episode. Animation, Adventure, Comedy. Stars: Under appreciated masterpiece or stinker that got the reception it … | best comedy anime 2020,horror comedy anime ,action comedy anime ,best comedy anime reddit ,best anime 2020,best anime movies ,list of anime ,best anime of the century, best serious romance anime ,best romance comedy anime ,romance anime with good plot ,high school romance anime Two Angels, Panty and Stocking, are kicked out of Heaven for bad behaviour and sent Ghost hunting by Garterbelt, a Priest of Daten City. The 12 episode series is a dark and intense story that follows a 27-year-old man called Satoru Fujinuma, who possesses the ability to 'rewind' to avoid a tragedy. Top 10 Underrated Action Anime. 102 min Tadanobu Asano, Cromartie Koukou - (AL, KIT, MAL, A-P), TV Short | Status: Finished | Episodes: 26 | Genres: Comedy, New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast, More posts from the Animesuggest community. Amber Lee Connors, He... See full summary », Stars: Stars: | The sequel, ... A hugely underrated American indie film of the 1990s, one that’s ripe for rewatching. | The romance is not very intense, and if your focus is on that, you should skip this as this is a light romance comedy anime. What is Slice of Life anime? It’s an updated list of comedy recommendations. | Home / Anime / 21 Most Underrated Yet The Best Romance Anime. 15 Lupin the Third: The Castle of Cagliostro. Mamiko Noto, Brittney Karbowski, TV-14 Tôru Furuya, Bonus points if it has some supernatural element. It's also interesting how a lot of the most popular and iconic anime in history are part of the adventure genre. | Masami Nagasawa, TV-14 Stars: | Source | Synonyms | Roboragi has moved to The Cloud™! Shizuka Itô, TV-14 save. 0. Shigako Shimegi, Votes: We all indulge once in a while, and some more obsessively than others. Blake Shepard, Set in a future where the sky has been changed into a giant mirror, two teenage children are caught in a struggle between a group of super-powered beings and a mysterious woman's team of children aiming to stop them. Read Also:-10 Best Anime Movies in 2010-2019; Top 5 Anime Video Games on PC; Most Anticipated Upcoming PC Games When he is alone in the classroom one day after school, he notices her bag of gym clothes on the floor. Aiko Nagayama, | | Rachel Hirschfeld, Emily Neves, Megathreads. Animation, Drama, Fantasy. Starting in 1965 in a manga, the gentleman thief and his partners have been in various animated series and movies. (Don't care about echi, harem, slice of life, etc...), Keppeki Danshi! A teenage boy finds himself recruited as a member of an elite team of pilots by his father. | Kkobbi Kim, Not Rated Here's 35 of the weirdest hidden gems from my avant-garde anime viewing. Mako Hyôdô, | | In a similar vein to Parasyte, Erased is one of the most underrated anime of the past decade. Crispin Freeman, TV-MA Kôji Yusa, Michael Forest, Animation, Action, Adventure. A creature named Kyubey offers Madoka and Sayaka a wish if they agree to become 'magical girls' and fight abstract beings called 'witches'. Sayaka Maeda, Tomoyuki Shimura, TV-14 Megumi Hayashibara, Log In Sign Up. Strange events begin to occur as a withdrawn girl named Lain becomes obsessed with interconnected virtual realm of "The Wired". Here are a few more comedy anime to watch right now. The 30 Most Controversial Documentaries of All Time, The 35 Most Underrated & Unique Anime Series and Films, Film 101: Introduction to African American Cinema, Put the X in X-Mas: The Alternative Christmas Film Playlist. 12 min Jennifer Seman, TV-MA Save this list for a rainy day. Shunsuke Itakura, Become a Redditor. Bridget Hoffman, is a grossly underrated action anime that fits right in with all of the other great series on this list! Michael McConnohie, Give me underrated comedy anime. Kôji Ishii, TV-14 Andrew Love, | | 70 min 1. The experiences of three boys who have had traumatic experiences in childhood from which they have learned to transfer their souls to a parallel world known as the "Unseen World". 5. Ik-joon Yang, Animation, Drama, Thriller, Takao worships the class beauty, Nanako, from afar. Stars: 23 min report. Kankurô Kudô, 103 min | | Stars: Kazunari Ninomiya, Houko Kuwashima, | Animation, Action, Comedy. Bonus points if it has some supernatural element. Daisuke Namikawa, | Directed by deceased japanese master animator Yoshifumi Kondo, and with an excelent score by Yuji Noma. Lucius, a Roman architect, is transported through time to modern-day Japan, where he learns about Japanese bathhouses and uses this to his gain back home. Takahiro Sakurai, Editor-at-Large, BuzzFeed Australia . Stars: Aoyama-kun - (AL, KIT, MAL, A-P), TV | Status: Finished | Episodes: 12 | Genres: Comedy, Sports, {anime}, , ]LN[, |VN| | FAQ | /r/ | Edit | Mistake? A mysterious young girl wanders a desolate, otherworldly landscape, carrying a large egg. 10. | by Rebecca Landman. 24 min However, a strange series of murders has intruded into bored inspector Re-l Mayer's life. By Mahapatra Last updated Nov 6, 2020. Arisa Ogasawara, As detectives try to link the victims, they discover that following the assaults, the victims' lives have improved in some way. Christine Marie Cabanos, TV-14 the story follows the student Issei Hyoudou who is a pervert. Keinosuke Okamoto, Senpai's List Featured. 25 min I feel like I've watched everything, so I'm open to all suggestions for comedy anime that's under the radar, in which I probably haven't watched yet. Animation, Adventure, Drama. comment; share; save; hide. Animation, Drama, Sport. | Stars: Sharon Becker, Sifting through the dark, forgotten recesses of My Anime List like some sort of anime hipster, our writers have brought you 15 of what they consider to be the most underrated anime out there. Bryn Apprill, The rise of the classics like Naruto, One piece, Bleach, etc are masterpieces on their own which overshadowed a lot of anime that … | After a deadly encounter with two yakuza, a loser with a crush on his childhood girlfriend goes to heaven and back, embarking on a psychedelic self-discovery experience with her and his friends. 23 min It's not a fact." While the anime is brimming with charm, it takes a little while for us to get past its titular heroine's flaws. 1 . Brittney Karbowski, 71 min r/anime: Reddit's premier anime community. Rate. A 12-year old boy named Naota one day meets a strange woman, riding a Vespa and wielding a big guitar. Yosei Bun, by Audrey Engvalson. Hiroki Touchi, TV-MA | Takuma Negishi, John Swasey, TV-14 However, there are absolute underrated gems that we missed out on. In a futuristic dystopian world where memories are literally stored, bought and sold and rich have all the privileges, a young amnesiac is trying to find out who he is. However, a magical girl named Homura is, for uncertain reasons, determined to stop this agreement. The life of a split personality man who secretly sings for death metal. Dan Lorge, A tomboyish schoolgirl finds herself forced into repeated duels for another girl who has a role in a world revolution. Toshihiko Seki, 24 min Eiichi Yamamoto Clint Bickham, To make this list differentiate itself, the following anime must have romance,ecchi as one of its main themes and the main character had ended up with someone or at least has a potential in picking a partner. 0. | Tell us what you think about this feature. | 111 min | Rate. Stars: | Alan Chow, Michael C. Pizzuto, | Mirai Kataoka, A mysterious man called the Medicine Seller travels along feudal Japan, uncovering and slaying evil spirits called "Mononoke". Already seen it, was funny but a bit cliche, thanks anyways! Satoshi Haga, Minako Naka, Roxanne Beck, Director: This list contains some of the underrated and unpopular anime. | With a score of 7.7 i doubt that its underrated. Romance in stories has been a long-established favorite since time immemorial. Animation, Comedy, Music. Akiko Yajima, | Tomoko Kawakami, Kaori Shimizu, Animation, Drama, Fantasy. Takahiro Sakurai, 21 Most Underrated Yet The Best Romance Anime April 12, 2019 April 20, 2019. Who doesn’t love a good romance anime? | A lot of things initially don't make sense in Eureka Seven. The lengths these characters will go through to achieve success are shocking, yet realistic. One of the best works on animation ever, in my opinion. This is our list of top 10 comedy anime, but wait! Hiroyuki Oshida, Wataru Hatano, If you also want to see what used to be on the old list, please continue down below! But, these are worth watching. Hi everyone! 8. Stars: | | | Daisuke Kishio, Kôjun Itô, Top 15 Best Underrated Anime: Writer's Corner. Director: 59 Brilliant Romantic Comedies That Are Seriously Underrated. Rachael Lillis, TV-14 Animation, Drama, Fantasy. Animation, Drama, Sci-Fi. 7. Yûto Nakano, There’s nothing quite like escaping reality and plunging yourself straight into an interesting animated cartoon land. Two high school girls, the short and exceptionally quick to anger Popuko, and the tall and much more calm Pipimi, do insane things and swear like sailors in this absurdist comedy filled with references and meta humor. BuzzFeed Staff. Stars: You might think that you have watched all kinds of Sports Anime but rethink a bit because there are Some of the Best Underrated Sports Anime you might not have watched till yet, And I promised Some of them will be in your Most Favorite anime list.. Jungle wa Itsumo Hare nochi Guu - (AL, KIT, MAL), TV | Status: Finished | Episodes: 26 | Genres: Comedy. Beau Billingslea, 2. Ginko is an expert travelling around to investigate a primeval life-form, the "Mushi," and helping people with Mushi-related supernatural problems. | | 8,353 Time to Uncover These Underrated Anime Gems! With demons reawakened and humanity in turmoil, a sensitive demon-boy is led into a brutal, degenerate war against evil by his mysterious friend, Ryo. Karen Strassman, TV-MA Jim Foronda, Watching these anime also makes us feel like we're a part of the journey, and that's another thing that's great about this genre. Animation, Drama, Sci-Fi, Trying to escape his uneventful life, Albert, the son of a renowned general from Paris, makes a journey with his friend Franz. 4. 10 Most Underrated Anime You Must Watch! Stars: In a post-apocalyptic future humans live in peace with androids in a domed city. | Jôji Nakata, For noticeable departures from traditional animation styles and formats of the Japanese to more narrative cinematic structures or non-linear approaches. | Classroom of the Elite is one of the most underrated anime from 2017. Aaron Dismuke. Fully equipped with an outstanding set of characters, storyline, action theme and overall jazzy style, Baccano! Stars: Posts Rules. Genres: Comedy, Demons, Ecchi, Harem, Romance, School; High School DxD is one the most popular anime of all time, its a good ecchi, harem anime filled with pretty females, specially the hottest anime girl i have evern seen “rias gremory”. 100% Upvoted. Since ancient times a race of flesh eating monsters called shokujinki that can... See full summary », Stars: Some anime quickly gain name popularity and recognition such as Demon Slayer or Tower of God. Masami Saeki, TV-14 There are still several anime movies that go mainly ignored and unrecognized for their cinematographic perfection. | Well, that is what we will do here! She then finds a glimmer of hope in the enigmatic magician who joins the group. Koki Uchiyama, Join. Stars: | 24 min Shinichiroh Ueda, R Kei'ichi Noda, TV-MA Seemingly unconnected citizens of Tokyo are targeted for bludgeoning by a boy with a golden baseball bat. Maybe we all have a little adventurous spirit in us? Yôko Hikasa, | A good action anime is usually characterized by energy, full-speed action and physical forces. | Therefore, Let’s start this list. | | 10 Most Underrated Anime You Must Watch! Patrick Mölleken, From aerial dogfights to Japanese poetry to hilarious shenanigans, our underrated anime of 2019 are sure to please even the pickiest of anime aficionados. The 30 Most Underrated Cartoons of All Time. Here’s our anime recommendation for 2020—a list of four underrated animes. Press J to jump to the feed. | Ergo Proxy is a cyberpunk anime with a mixture of science fiction and mystery. Katsuhiro Harasawa, Animation, Comedy, Drama. Rate. Animation, Short, Comedy. The show also recycles a lot of footage and is responsible for popularizing over-long transformation sequences, which has since become a source of parody. Alice Fulks, Today I’m here with another blog about top 10 underrated action anime. Underrated romantic comedy anime series. Animation, Action, Adventure. ... Baccano! | 2. | Hiroshi Harada Randy McPherson, TV-MA by Jenna Guillaume. Sang-ho Yeon Ami Taniguchi, The comedy can turn typical at times, but it is enjoyable. 25 min | Hye-na Kim, Seiko Takuma, Votes: Rate. Sailor Moon should be on every anime newbie's watch list, but there are better magical girls out there. Director: A little orphaned girl joins a freak-show circus troupe whose members rape and abuse her. 2. Yoshiyuki Morishita, TV-14 Kate Hawkins, Unrated 1. The amazing visuals and themes Ergo Proxy bring makes it one of the best anime to ever come out in the 2000s. Some animes garner a lot of popularity, but others tend to slip between the cracks. Animation, Comedy. Director: Kôji Morimoto Mariya Ise, Jessica Calvello, | What are You Waiting For? Stars: What’s With The Hype? Tatsuya Nakadai, Liam O'Brien, Not Rated Fuyuka Oura, | Gross: Rate. Rate. The anime which are down below are some of the few overlooked anime. Share on Facebook. | All of the different ... See full summary », Stars: TV-14 … Megumi Ogata, Timid samurai Akitsu Masanosuke becomes involved with the group "Five Leaves" after becoming the bodyguard for their mysterious, yet charismatic leader Yaichi. Stars: 24 min Kazuyoshi Hayashi, TV-14 3. 10. | Takayuki Hirao Yû Aoi, As soon as she appears, mysterious things start happening. 2 boys defend Treasure Town. Ai Kobayashi, Yûsuke Iseya, Koki Uchiyama, Merch Mondays Recommendation Tues Thursday Anime Disc Casual Disc Fridays Misc Anime Questions Weekly Roundup Monthly Meta Thread CR Guest Pass Thread. Stars: Shôzô Îzuka, It makes for quite brilliant comedy, with Gary Cole and Sherry Long leading the cast. Haven't heard of the first 2, thanks for the suggestions! Mikaela Krantz, 56 min Looks like you're using new Reddit on an old browser. Norihiko Morishita, Five ping pong prodigies learn to navigate the harsh climate of competitive sport and the even more frightening realm of self realization. Takashi Fujii, × 0. 9. 25 min 86 min Takashi Matsuyama, I feel like I've watched everything, so I'm open to all suggestions for comedy anime that's under the radar, in which I probably haven't watched yet. He can't resist picking it up. Stars: 18 Movies That People Think Are 100% Funny And 100% Underrated "Thirty Seconds to Mars is the name of a band. | 24 min | Gross: Stars: | However, after a murder in his present brings back forgotten memories of his childhood, Satoru rewinds to his childhood past. Share. Stars: Chiwa Saitô, 8. Stars: Animation, Comedy, Drama, Many patients with different problems visit the psychiatric ward of Irabu General Hospital; a trapeze artist suffering from insomnia after suddenly failing his jumps, a gangster afraid of ... See full summary », Stars: Liam O'Brien, TV-MA Home / Anime / 21 Underrated But Really Good Slice Of Life Anime. A young anthropomorphic cat goes on a psychedelic journey with his sister in order to save her soul. Advertisement. Animation, Action, Sci-Fi. Anne Benkovitz,

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