The procedure also includes the use of topical agents to offer the fast treatment. All the website viewers take full and total responsibility for what is done with the information furnished by the website and any resulting outcomes. MD - Dermatology. 98 % (267 votes) 13 Feedback. Being the leading clinical chain we assure you that vitiligo cure in Ludhiana is very much possible and effect of your treatment would be lifetime. The Department of Dermatology at CMC Ludhiana has evolved manifold to provide an extensive range of skin care treatments. Advanced therapy includes the use of UV rays to reduce the photo-toxic materials. We at Berry Skin Care provide vitiligo treatment in Ludhiana and assure you that it is most affordable and effective. Vitiligo; Aesthetic Treatments. Please contact our clinic in Ludhiana +91 9099962276 to make an appointment with leading vitiligo specialist in Ludhiana. Vitiligo can be managed with the proper treatment provided by an expert that helps an individual restore the skin's origin color in the affected areas. Copyright © 2018-2020 – Dr. Shikha Aggarwal. Posted on July 1, 2014 by . Dermatologist - provides Vitiligo Treatment. Shikha Aggarwal one of the best skin specialists provides effective and advanced treatments for vitiligo. Read about company. Dr. Shikha Aggarwal, provides the best treatment for Vitiligo treatment in Ludhiana. Phototherapy: It is a traditional treatment procedure for Vitiligo. The most common treatments for vitiligo is light therapy followed by medications. As far as India is concern approximately 3 percent population is affected by Vitiligo and so in Ludhiana. Dr. Shikha gave me the option of receiving a local anesthetic vs none. Vitiligo can occur at… Vitiligo Treatment in Ludhiana: Services: Other in Ludhiana, India Berry Skin Care has team of expert doctors and vitiligo specialist in Ludhiana. 7 years experience. MD - Dermatology, MBBS. ... Hither is the natural vitiligo treatment system and cure your vitiligo by nature within few workweeks. Vitiligo is a condition which causes depigmentation of the skin parts, and is characterized by the presence of white patches. Medications Some medications as prescribed by the physicians could help get away with Vitiligo. I had lost all my confidence after suffering from excessive hair growth on my face. The treatment length varies up to 15 months to see the complete protection. Mixed Vitiligo (MV): This is the combination of the above two.Find an apt Vitiligo Treatment in Ludhiana at the Bliss Clinic.. Vitiligo Treatment in Ludhiana | Dr. Shikha Aggarwal. Doctors for Vitiligo Treatment in Machhiwara, Ludhiana - Book Doctor Appointment, Consult Online, View Doctor Fees, User Reviews, Address and Phone Numbers of Doctors for Vitiligo Treatment | Lybrate Skin Allergies. The clinic is equipped with the latest machines and Dr Shikha is a thorough professional. Incredible Health Care - Offering Vitiligo Treatment in Ludhiana, Punjab. Ludhiana India My Child Has White Patches On Skin. Cryosurgery; Microneedling; Periorlital Melanosis (Dark Circles) Open Pores; Eye Rejuvenation; Surgical Procedures. You can trust us completely for your vitiligo treatment in Ludhiana. Moreover, now there are modern surgical treatments that are being used to restore pigment and are highly successful. BRS Nagar, Ludhiana Mole Excision; Earlope Repair; Skin Biopsy; Nail Avulsion Fortunately, cosmetic surgeons offer a treatment by restoring pigment with medical treatment. This condition occurs due to loss of pigmentation from affected areas of the skin. Near Pooja Complex, Near Head Show doctors near me. Here are some important facts about this disease, its treatment and latest researches related to this disease. In my personal opinion one must consult Dr.Shikha. She explained the pain on a scale of 1 to 5, and i opted for no local anesthesia. Feroz Gandhi Market, Ludhiana In the ancient times, patients of vitiligo in Ludhiana used to chew bavachee seeds while sitting in sun to get rid of this disease. The Allopath clearly mentions that vitiligo does not have permanent treatment however Ayurveda has its permanent treatment. She has a variety of treatments that r very successful. Dr. Ruchi S Mutneja. She is a fabulous doctor as she provides the right guidance... She never misleads anyone on any kind of suggestion we want. Vitiligo Treatment in Ludhiana. Karnataka 580030, India, © Copyright 2021 Berry Skincare | All Rights Reserved. But there is no cure for it if it involves the whole body, though, the spread of the disease can be kept under control if it affects a particular area of your body.

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