And now, as we come to our passage this morning, we find that Jesus asks this 'great question' again—this time, of His opponents. $129.99 - $149.99 Buy One Get One 1/2 Off. I suggest to you that the greatest question you could ask would have to be one that deals with the greatest theme ever proposed. For more information, visit us at Over the centuries there have been many that claimed Him to be something else. If the Messiah is the human descendant of King David—as all agree—then how could David say such a thing about Him? di chi è egli figliuolo? Liebe Gemeinde, [Gleichnisauslegung] Jesus ist ein faszinierender Prediger. . (v. 45). He had cleansed the lepers, and had cast out demons. Everyone recognizes that a father is always to be honored as the superior of his son. Einer von ihnen, ein Gesetzeslehrer, wollte ihn auf die Probe stellen und fragte ihn: Meister, welches Gebot im Gesetz ist das wichtigste? You have been warned. He had healed the blind and the lame. Another proper way to respond would be to believe on Him. The Christ, whose son is He? It is still the central question that we need to be asking those around us. 14:15–24 Jeesus jatkoi vertauspuheitaan ja sanoi heille: 2. Jesus claimed to be both God’s son and the Messiah, but they did not believe that the Messiah (the Christ) would be God incarnate. 44' Attempt Attempt blocked. It was the right answer (as far as it goes); because, strictly in terms of His earthly lineage, that's what Jesus was: the biological offspring of King David. He does not ask them directly who they think He is, because they have said in the past what they thought of that. He is the Son of David but He has no earthly father. On both occasions some of the religious leaders were upset about this and asked Jesus to make them stop. Update. He has been called many things, not all of them nice: just a good teacher, a great philosopher, an important historical figure, the founder of a great world religion, the illegitimate son of a Roman soldier, a demented man lead astray by visions of grandeur, a man caught in a tragedy. And we're right to do so, because that's who He is. Rather, He condescended to come down to where we are, in order to raise us up to where He is—so that where He now is, we who trust in Him will one day be also!4 The promise of the Bible is that, if we have been united to the likeness of His death, we shall also be in the likeness of His resurrection5. I sadducei e la risurrezione . How could that be? Read verse in Riveduta 1927 (Italian) And yet, in loving obedience to the Father, and in mercy to us in our sins, He set His heavenly glory aside for a season, was conceived in the womb of the virgin Mary, and was born into the human family. Yet our text this morning centers precisely on Jesus birth and becomes the dividing point between those who will be saved and go to heaven and those who will be condemned to hell. Assisted by Roberto Soriano. 23 In quello stesso giorno vennero da lui alcuni sadducei - i quali dicono che non c'è risurrezione - e lo interrogarono: 24 «Maestro, Mosè disse: Se uno muore senza figli, suo fratello ne sposerà la moglie e darà una discendenza al proprio fratello. L’evangelista presenta questo intreccio di dibattiti con una sequenza di controversie che presentano un ritmo in crescendo: il tributo da pagare a Cesare (22,15-22), la risurrezione dei morti (22,23-33), il comandamento più grande (22,34-40), il messia, figlio e Signore di Davide (22,41-46). Matteo continua la narrazione con una domanda che Gesù stesso rivolge loro (Mt 22,41-46), riguardante il Figlio di David. This was not just some poetic musings of David, but God the Holy Spirit using David to reveal divine truth. Who do you believe that Jesus called the Christ is? They would have understood Him to be speaking of the “Child” the prophet Isaiah spoke of—the One on whose shoulders the government would rest (Isaiah 8:6). 21:46 . Here, we see God speaking to another Person in a way that He spoke to no mere man; "Sit at My right hand . XXX Domenica del Tempo Ordinario (Anno A) (26/10/2008) Vangelo: Mt 22,34-40 . • Matteo 22,8-10: Il banchetto non viene abolito. And the Pharisees, etc., finally routed, Matthew 22:41-46. The majority of people presently alive and the majority of people that have ever lived have rejected Jesus’ claim. The very people that Jesus was asking this question had previously said that Jesus was empowered by Satan. Wednesday, December 3, 2014 7:41 PM. Now; to understand this question, you have to put yourself, as it were, in the 'sandals' of the ones who heard it. 43 He said to them, “How is it then that David, speaking by the Spirit, calls him ‘Lord’? Do you declare Him to be the One you trust in for salvation before God? Continua ogni giorno il commento alle Letture della Sacra Scrittura, delle sante Messe di tutti i giorni: Domeniche, Solennità, Feste, e giorni feriali. The testimony of the Bible is that Jesus Christ is the eternal Son of God who—without ever ceasing to be God—took full humanity to Himself, became one of us, and died on the cross in our place. Matthew Poole's Commentary. 12. It's a very important psalm. In other words, on both occasions Jesus made it plain that He was accepting what the people and the children were saying because it was true. You see; we are sinners—fallen because of the sin of Adam, and guilty because of our own personal sins. It's always personal; “What do you say about Jesus! Turn to Psalm 110. 27 University of Colorado Anschutz Medical Campus, Aurora. Your eye immediately is attracted to and focuses on Jesus, which is what we should do. They pressed Him with questions that were designed to trap Him and discredit Him before the people. *Cannot be combined with other offers. Matteo Berrettini, Italy, 3075. They say unto him, The son of David. They would have thought back to David—the greatest king in their history; the king against whom all other kings of Israel were measured—and would have remembered the great promise that God had made to him: “When your days are fulfilled and you rest with your fathers, I will set up your seed after you, who will come from your body, and I will establish his kingdom. Do you notice that the first word “LORD” is in all-capital letters in your Bible? Luuk. 22 Kuninkaanpojan häät. The Christ could not be a mere man. In Him was life, and the life was the light of men. And do you notice that the second word “Lord” is not in all-capital letters? They thought that Jesus must then be a lunatic and an illegitimate child who was empowered by Satan. If they speak what the Scriptures say about the Messiah, then they rightly say that He is the flesh-and-blood, human offspring of the great King David. But Jesus answered each question with great wisdom; and He exposed the hard-hearted unbelief of His opponents in the process. ", said David. The religious leaders that had faced off with Jesus finally realized that Jesus was more than their match. Saturday, January 24, 2015 10:21 AM. And now, in our passage this morning, Jesus forces them to the conclusion about the Messiah that—in their unbelief—they simply would not accept. He had raised the dead. They sought to ask challenging questions of Him. Jesus goes on to ask, “How then does David in the Spirit call Him 'Lord' . 28 University of California-San Diego, La Jolla. The Città di vita (The City of Life) represents the last, great creative effort of Palmieri, the moment when he was, to quote Marsilius Ficinus, a theological poet. How could David call Him "Lord"? . He was getting to the underlying issue as to why they refused to believe that Jesus was God’s son. Who is Jesus? 24 Respiratory Department, Division of Respiratory Diseases "Federico II" University, AO Dei Colli, Naples, Italy. ?” (v. 43). The solution for me was to open the command prompt in Administrator mode. Dice ai suoi servi: "Il banchetto nuziale è pronto, ma gli invitati non ne erano degni; andate ora ai crocicchi delle strade e tutti quelli che troverete, chiamateli alle nozze. Atti 2:33-36. Part 2: 121: 41: Episode 41: August 7, 2017 () 122: 42 Enhance your daily reading of God's word. Pleased that Arteta doesn't tolerate these, they aren't conducive to a team mentality. (Delivered Sunday, June 15, 2008 at Bethany Bible Church. But Jesus then asks the Pharisees this perplexing question: If King David is here speaking of his promised Offspring—whom we all rightly know to be the Messiah—then how is it that he also, in prayer before Yahweh, calls his own Son Adonai? 40 Da questi due comandamenti dipendono tutta la legge ed i profeti. He who knew no sin must become 'sin' for us as one of us; or else we cannot become 'righteous' before God by faith in Him3. 45 If David then call him Lord, how is he his son? He would be proven to be, as Paul the apostle said in the very first few words of the Book of Romans, "born of of the seed of David according to the flesh, and declared to be the Son of God with power according to the Spirit of holiness, by the resurrection from the dead" (Romans 1:3-4). Look at verse 41, Now while the Pharisees were gathered together, Jesus asked them a question, saying “What do you think about the Christ, whose son is He?” A profound question, a more direct question, a more pointed question could not be asked. Supremacy of echocardiography in the diagnostic workup of systemic AL amyloidosis. David spoke at a time long before the Messiah was born into the human family; but he also shows us that God the Father spoke to the Messiah as if He existed even then! Matthew 22:41-46 We've been studying together from the most significant "question and answer" session in history. Matteo 22:41-46. What will you call Him? Di chi è figlio?» Essi gli risposero: «Di *Davide». Matthäus 22,34-46 Gottes Gebot. Predigt über Matthäus 22,41-46 zum Himmelfahrtstag. What do you suppose might be the most significant question that anyone could answer? It is only two days before He would be crucified, and His authority is being relentlessly challenged by the various religious leaders. Verse 46 tells us that “no one was able to answer Him a word, nor did anyone dare from that day on to ask Him another question.” There would be no more shrewd questions trying to trip Him up. Evidentemente si sono sentiti scoperti e non … Unless otherwise noted, all Scripture references are taken from The Holy Bible, New King James Version; copyright 1982, Thomas Nelson, Inc.). They would have understood Him to be asking about the promised "Seed" of the woman; the One that God had promised would one day come from Eve, and bruise the head of the serpent with His heel (Genesis 3:15). This great theme is introduced to us in the first few words of the Gospel of John. And everyone recognizes the great King David as the greatest of all the earthly kings of God's covenant people. FULL/QUEEN TWIN/TWNXL. This transfer statistic shows the compact view of the highest sold players by Inter in the Overall statistics of current season season. In it, David looks ahead and expresses worship toward God for the promise of the Messiah that would one day be born from him. Liebe Brüder und Schwestern in Christus! (Matthew 16:13). What a question! 25:6 Ilm. From this time, we do not find that our Lord was any more troubled with their captious questions: their whole stock, it appears, was expended, and now they coolly deliberate on the most effectual way to get him murdered. 10. Mark and St. Luke add here, as St. Matthew does in Matthew 22:46, that “no man dared ask Him any more questions.” They have recourse from this time forth to measures of another kind, and fall back upon treachery and false witness. And unless the Son of God had truly taken full humanity to Himself, He could not rescue us from our sins. Herr, leite uns in deiner Wahrheit und lehre uns, denn du bist der Gott, der uns hilft; täglich harren wir auf dich. 23 Allergology Unit, AV3 ASUR Marche, Hospital Civitanova Marche, Macerata, Italy. The Son of God didn't become one of us and die for us, only then to leave us in the condition that He found us. di chi è egli figliuolo? Remember that the Jews tried to be so careful that they would never say God’s name in vain that they would not use His covenant name. They understood that the Messiah would have to come from the Davidic line because the promise had been given to David in 2 Samuel 7. But Jesus’ point here is that David called the Messiah his Lord before the Messiah had become His son. Resources » Matthew Henry's Commentary » Matthew » Chapter 22 » Verses 41–46. The promise of redemption was unfolding before their very eyes. That is Jesus’ claim. It is the main question that needs to dominate our efforts at evangelism. It reads, “The LORD said to my Lord, 'Sit at My right hand, till I make Your enemies Your footstool” (Psalm 110:1). Matteo 22:41 ED essendo i Farisei raunati, Gesù domandò loro, dicendo: Read verse in Giovanni Diodati 1649 (Italian) And when it is all over, He asks them the most challenging question of all—the question that would most exposed their unbelief: "What do you think about the Christ?". Christ Baffles the Pharisees by a Question about David and Messiah. Whose Son is He?” They said to Him, “The Son of David.” He said to them, “How then does David in the Spirit call Him ‘Lord,’ saying: ‘The LORD said to my Lord, The most immediate is that today is not a day of self centered greed: “what presents did I get? It’s not that they couldn’t answer Him because the answer to Jesus’ questions is obvious. 41 Or essendo i Farisei raunati, Gesù li interrogò dicendo: 42 Che vi par egli del Cristo? . Luna finds a shocking clue, but in the midst of discovering it, something terrible happens. And specifying the question in that way, Enhance your daily reading of God's word. Dutchess County Das wichtigste Gebot. We use cookies to improve your experience. And if it were a mere man that had volunteered to take our sins upon himself and die in our place on a cursed cross, being a man only, he couldn't do us any good. 25 Department of Medical Sciences and Public Health, University of Cagliari, Italy. That phrase, “son of David” had been applied to Jesus just three days earlier by the multitudes that had gathered as Jesus entered Jerusalem, “Hosanna to the Son of David; blessed is He who comes in the name of the Lord; Hosanna in the highest.” The next day the children in the temple shouted the same thing, “Hosanna to the Son of David.” Hosanna means “save us we pray”, so together they were crying out “save us we pray, son of David, Messiah”. Luna can finally address Matteo, but doubts about Matteo's honesty. The Gospel of John presents Jesus Christ to us as this divine Person; and the greatest proposition ever made is this: that the second Person of the divine Godhead, who is the Son of the Father, has become "flesh" and walked among men; that He has revealed Himself to men as "full of grace and truth", and has so communed with men as to enable them to report to the world that they beheld His glory "as of the only begotten of the Father". Jesus was both, existing prior to David and yet His descendent. Do you express your love and worship for Him? Jesus replied during His triumphal entry that if the people did not shout, then the very stones would shout it out (Luke 19:40). It's a question that puts each of us on the crossroads of a decision. What do you say? They expected someone to arise from the lineage of King David; and to, like David, be a mighty, conquering king in their own day. Having heard the claims that are made about Him, what conclusion have you come to about Him?”. They were afraid of Him. Predigt. And then, He rose from the dead. Diego Schwartzman, Argentina, 3455. What will we do with Him? Some said, for example, that He was John the Baptist risen from the dead. Exactly as you mentioned. 41-46. Let me suggest that, in proper response, we should first worship and adore Him. 29 Kangwon National University, Chuncheon, Korea. And specifying the question in that way put those Pharisees on the horns of a dilemma. This second word is Adonai—the Hebrew word for “Lord” or “Master”. And there is no greater theme in all the universe than the one that is made by the gospel. Chiudi Informativa: Questo sito o gli strumenti terzi da questo utilizzati si avvalgono di cookie necessari al funzionamento ed utili alle finalità illustrate nella cookie policy.Se … Matthew writes that, after Jesus finished asking His question, "no one was able to answer Him a word, nor from that day on did anyone dare to question Him anymore" (v. 46). 22 1. Dominic Matteo: 23: Jamie Carragher: 15: Patrik Berger: 16: Didi Hamann: 25: David Thompson: 28: Steven Gerrard: 10: Michael Owen : 22: Titi Camara: Substitutes . It is not about wise men coming from the East. The only way that David could speak to his own human Offspring and call Him "Lord" would be if his Offspring was more than a mere man! So; when Jesus asked this greatest of all questions—"What do you think about the Christ? The disciples answered by saying what it was that they heard other people say about Him. Gesú interroga i farisei - Essendo i farisei riuniti, Gesú li interrogò, dicendo: «Che cosa pensate del Cristo? Di chi è figlio?» Essi gli risposero: «Di Davide». 43 Ed egli a loro: «Come mai allora Davide, sotto ispirazione, lo chiama Signore, dicendo: 44 Ha detto il Signore al mio Signore: Siedi alla mia destra, finché io non abbia posto i tuoi nemici sotto i tuoi piedi? 26 University of British Columbia, Vancouver, Canada. Matteo 22,41-46. The first “Lord” mentioned is the covenant name for God, which we usually pronounce as either Jehovah or Yahweh. Jesus’ question, “What do you think about the Christ, whose son is he?” Their answer is, “The son of David.” They understood this aspect of who the Messiah would be and that “Son of David” was a messianic term. (If you would like to receive Pastor Harris’ weekly sermons via e-mail, Click here). In them, God says to David's Son, "Sit at My right hand, till I make Your enemies Your footstool." Nuova Riveduta 2006 Update. Internationally renowned painter, Matteo Arfanotti is a versatile artist, curious and always fascinated by new forms of art and experimentation. A half-correct answer to the most important question of all is not an answer that will lead to salvation. Our merciful God has not only provided food, but a royal feast, for the perishing souls of his rebellious creatures. Matteo 23. Essa, come l'amore, «non nasce dal pensare e dal volere ma in certo qual modo si impone all'essere umano» [89]. Matthew tells us, "While the Pharisees were gathered together, Jesus asked them, 'What do you think about the Christ? Turn with me to Matthew 22:41. Matteo Fabbro (Ita) Bora-Hansgrohe: 39: Attila Valter (Hun) CCC Team: 40: Hermann Pernsteiner (Aut) Bahrain McLaren: 41: Victor De la Parte (Spa) CCC … So instead Jesus asked them what they believed about the Messiah (Christ is simply the Greek word for Messiah). di chi è egli figliuolo? 41 While the Pharisees were gathered together, Jesus asked them, 42 “What do you think about the Messiah? Finally, she pours out her heart to Simón, who wants to direct her thoughts to the next Open, and wants to kindle her fighting spirit.