Formazione della Reggina 1968-1969. ", List of aircraft of Italy in World War II. The fate of the four Re.2000s was as follows: the one on Roma was lost with the battleship; the one of Italia was damaged and jettisoned from the ship, after the Fritz-X impact. [32] Nevertheless, the determined Hungarian pilots kept on flying combat missions and scoring a number of kills against the Soviet fighter, if they managed to force their Russian opponents into a dogfight, thanks to the maneuverability of the Italian built plane. Hungary bought 70 Reggiane Re.2000 Falco Is and then also acquired the licence-production rights for this model to produce a total of 200 aircraft, known as MÁVAG Héja ("Hawk") II built between 1940 and 1942. Between 16 and 19 January, with the Red Army rapidly approaching Ilovskoje airfield, and with no time to heat the Piaggio engine's frozen oil, mechanics were forced to blow up the last unserviceable Hejas. However, only one aircraft, designated as the Re 2000 by Italian aircraft manufacturer Reggiane, was intentionally designed with the intention of competing for orders under Programme R in mind. [6] The wing made use of a modified N.38 airfoil section and was outfitted with Frise-type ailerons complete with static and aerodynamic balance, along with a split-continuous flap. [18] The first modified Re.2000 Cat. Es folgte ein geisteswissenschaftliches Studium an der Universität La Sapienza in Rom, das er 1962 mit der Laurea … "Re.2000 Catapultabile. "Reggiane RE 2000 Falco (Hawk): The Regia Aeronautica: American". Lacking a carrier, Italy used a similar system to the British CAM ships equipped with Hurricanes. [17] The last Re.2000 was sent back to the factory in September 1942. On 24 May 1939, the prototype performed its maiden flight. German leaders were reluctant to supply the Royal Hungarian Air Force (Magyar Királyi Honvéd Légierő), MKHL, which was seen to be focused on home defence and the possibility of conflict with neighbouring Romania. Below seven parts for the online tutorial are provided, which should help to prepare for the first week of the Winter School. [4][5] Refinement of the Re 2000's aerodynamic characteristics greatly benefitted from a series of wind tunnel tests held at Caproni's facility in Taliedo, Milan. 1,204 people follow this. Wheel gears general catalogue (RRTD - RRWD) Negative brakes catalogue. Reliable and well established. [6] The cockpit of the Re.2000 featured a large backwards-sliding canopy; it is claimed that this canopy provided "almost unrestricted all-round visibility". Reggina 1914 - Ergebnisse 2020/2021: hier findest Du alle Termine und Ergebnisse zu diesem Team. The 2000 series of linear and bevel planetary gears offers excellent modularity and flexibility. The performance also owed much to goalkeeper Massimo Taibi, returning from a poor spell at Manchester United. The pilots appreciated the type, which performed well under harsh conditions and was the fastest aircraft then in operation with the service. The last two serviceable aircraft were demolished by the Germans, with another one destroyed after being captured at Furbara. Tutti i giocatori della rosa e numero di maglia. It also contains a table with average age, cumulative market value and average market value for each player position and overall. [6], The armament comprised a pair of 12.7 mm Breda-SAFAT machine guns, housing 300 rounds each, installed in the upper fuselage; in addition, provisions were made for the fitting of bomblet-dispensers (spezzoniera). Piaggio P.XI engine proved to be a mechanical nightmare for the mechanics. The official website of professional Italian football club AS Roma. [28], Combat performance against the Soviet Air Force was satisfactory. The type was used by the Regia Aeronautica and the Swedish Air Force during the first part of the Second World War. [35] Production of licence-built Hejas continued: 98 were completed in 1943 and 72 in 1944 although the variant was regarded as no longer suitable for combat against the latest Soviet fighters. [10] The type met with a level of success, with several countries being keen to place orders for the type. There was another navalized Re.2000, the MM.471. [19], The Swedish purchases of various types of Italian warplanes in 1939–41 were made as an emergency measure resulting from the outbreak of the war, as no other nations were willing to supply aircraft to this small neutral country whose domestic production did not become sufficient until 1943. Other countries had also exhibited interest in the aircraft, but ultimately did not place orders for the type. "J 20 - Reggiane Re 2000 Falco 1 (1941–1945). 377a was based in Sicily, and fought in Malta and Pantelleria, mainly in an escort role and protecting Axis ships almost until Tunisia (with a range up to 300–350 km), well beyond the other RA single seat-fighters; sometimes it was used to attack Malta with bomblets (spezzoni) and machine guns, typically at dawn. Italy - Urbs Sportiva Reggina 1914 - Results, fixtures, squad, statistics, photos, videos and news - Soccerway Bergström, Christer., Andrey Dikov and Vlad Antipov. The type was used by the Regia Aeronautica (Italian Air Force) and the Swedish Air Force during the first part of the Second World War. L’Anno del Giubileo 2000 rimarrà nella mente di ogni tifoso biancoceleste della Lazio come la data storica che unisce la Religione ed il calcio, spesso confusi e forse, alcune volte, nemmeno così distanti. Taylor, John W. R. "Reggiane Re.2000 Falco I (Falcon)". The last one survived and it is still extant, being the only Re.2000 remaining in Italy (another is in Sweden). The emergent design, which had been designated as the Re 2000 Falco I, was equipped with a Curtiss-Wright-style retractable undercarriage, bore substantial similarities to the American-built Seversky P-35. [1] Flight testing of the prototype revealed it to be able to outfight several significant combat aircraft of the time, including even the more modern Macchi C 200 and the German Messerschmitt Bf 109E fighters. Informazioni su nazionalità e data di nascita Image 02. The Re.2000GA was never considered to be highly reliable, even by Re.2000 standards, especially due to its troublesome engine. The Re.2000 Cat. About See All. By adopting the Re.2000GA, Italy would be able send reinforcements to the units of the Regia Aeronautica far easier, unlike a batch of 51 C.R.42s that had to be disassembled and air-transported by the large Savoia-Marchetti SM.82s instead. Riserva Aerea delle FF.NN.BB, led by now Maj. Tondi, with three flights. The last sortie for the licence-built Reggiane Re.2000 occurred on 2 April 1944. [6], On 24 May 1939, the prototype Re 2000 conducted its maiden flight at Reggio Emilia, Emilia-Romagna, Italy, flown by Mario De Bernardi. [27] Flying alongside the Fiat CR.32s of 1/3 Fighter Company, the Reggiane pilots claimed eight kills, for one loss, during three months of combat, against Soviet Air Force. The Re.2000GA (Grande Autonomia) version featured additional 340 liters fuel tanks, which was primarily achieved by sealing off the cells of the outer wing structure, to function as a modern long range reconnaissance aircraft for the Regia Marina (Italian Navy). (taken from the Swedish orders) flew on 27 June 1941, the last on 18 January 1942 (MM.8282-8288), but crashed on 10 September. Reggina 1914, bis 2015 als Reggina Calcio bekannt, ist ein italienischer Fußballverein der Stadt Reggio Calabria. Later it was renamed 377a Squadriglia Autonoma Caccia Terrestre, and received nine further Serie III Re.2000bis; 12 of the 26 Reggianes were later converted to GA standard. In a much publicized mishap, 1/Lt István Horthy (the son of the Hungarian regent Miklós Horthy), serving as a fighter pilot with the Hungarian Second Army died flying a Re.2000 V-421 with 1/3 Fighter Squadron on 20 (on 18, according to other authors[31]) August 1942, on his 25th operational sortie. In fact, 80 per cent of the total Re.2000 production went to these two countries; Hungary having ordered 70 aircraft and Sweden opting to procure a batch of 60 machines. During 1938, the Italian Air Ministry launched Programme R, a comprehensive effort targeted towards the enactment of several improvements, both qualitative and qualitative, throughout the Regia Aeronautica (Italian Air Force). The Re 2000 was developed by a team headed by aircraft designers Roberto Longhi and Antonio Alessio to be a lightly-built and highly maneuverable interceptor/fighter aircraft. – Art. 1,195 people like this. The Hungarians downed four LaGGs, suffering the loss of the Re.2000 of Lt Takács, who crash-landed behind his own lines, wounded. "Reggiane and I... A Fighter Designer Recalls". Upon entering squadron service, the Re 2000 soon proved to be a technically advanced aircraft, being well balanced and extremely aerodynamic during flight, but was not without its faults. [4] The design team took inspiration from the contemporary American fighter Seversky P-35, which Re.2000 would superficially resemble; according to aviation author Gianni Cattaneo, the design "displayed evidence of fairly strong American influence...certain structural characteristics were strongly reminiscent of the American school, particularly of the Seversky P-35". [12] It has been claimed that this lack of durability had been a major factor when, following an official evaluation by the Regia Aeronautica, the service decided to reject the type. The Hungarians reported 11 aerial victories, of which six were confirmed, while USAAF pilots claimed 27 MKHL aircraft shot down. Reportedly, by August 1941, only nine examples had been delivered to the newly formed 377a Squadron. They were organized into the Sezione Sperimentale Reggiane inside the 74a Squadriglia in Sicily. The Re.2000 were assigned to Squadriglia di Riserva Aerea delle FF.NN.BB. La Juve annega nell'amarezza. One Re.2000 was launched from Vittorio Veneto to catch the intruders, but failed and finally crashed while landing near Ajaccio airfield. eine Ansprache in der Universität; Während des a The season also saw the definite breakthroughs of Roberto Baronio, Andrea Pirlo and Mohamed Kallon, leading to all three players joining larger clubs in the summer. That day, 180 bombers from the USAAF 15th Air Force, escorted by 170 fighters, bombed the Danube Aircraft Works and other targets in Budapest. Search the world's information, including webpages, images, videos and more. [3] The Re.2000 served as the starting point for several derivatives, including the MÁVAG Héja, Reggiane Re.2001, Re.2002, Re.2003, Re.2004, Re.2005, Re.2006 and Re.2007 combat aircraft. The climb to 6,000 m was 7,75 min (vs 6,5-7 min), apparently there was not much difference in ceiling 10,000–11,100 m and endurance, range was 450 km, endurance 1,000 km (at 460 km/h), up to km 1,290 (at m 6,000, full loaded, km/h 430). Many of them were aboard the battleships: two for Vittorio Veneto and Roma, one for Littorio (summer 1943). Formazione Lazio Scudetto 2000. Not Now. Am 13. [11], The aircraft was furnished with an elliptical wing, the internal structure of which comprised a multi-cell configuration using a total of five spars, stress-skin covering, and integral fuel tanks within the center section. The Re.2000bis, equipped with the more powerful P XI bis radial engine, was only manufactured in small numbers. [1][9], Following the decision of the Regia Aeronautica to reject the Re.2000 and cancel its pre-production order,[1] the Italian government authorised Reggiane to promote the type for sales on the global market to international customers, effectively offering the programme a reprieve. [11] The Re.2000 was furnished with retractable landing gear; the main gear retracted via the Curtiss method, the wheels rotating around to face flat within the wheel wells when retracted. All seven parts are organized in a self-directed learning mode and follow a different structure.Please work step by step (from left to right) on each part. One J 20 was lost in combat, shot down while intercepting a Luftwaffe Dornier Do 24 near Sölvesborg on 3 April 1945.[21][22]. After a pilot flying above asked Horthy to increase height, he pulled up rapidly, stalled and crashed. [14] In light of this, the Italian and British governments then decided to complete the contract through the Italian Caproni’s Portuguese subsidiary as to side-step Germany's objection; however, the British order was cancelled as a consequence of Italy's entry into the Second World War on 10 June 1940.[15][16].