3 different handlebars to choose from. See all. The new design of the Black Sunset connects with the Yellow Sunset finish, said the manufacturer, which it introduced last summer and also features a matte gradient between yellow and orange. Acheter vélo fixie Santafixie Raval Matte Black 60 mm. Buy Santafixie Raval Matte Black with 60mm wheels profile. Buy Santafixie Raval Miche Edition Matte Black with 30mm wheels profile. Santafixie Raval Matte Grey is back in stock! Mar 1, 2018 - Buy Santafixie Raval Matte Black 2S with 60mm wheels profile. Free shipping within Europe! You can choose amongst three different handlebar styles. In short, it is an attractive, light, manageable and durable bike. Free shipping within Europe! All sizes available! Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts Vélo fixie et single speed de Santafixie avec roues 60 mm de profil. It's your choice! And after all ... you're my Wonderwall. Then i went on the internet where i found the guys from Santafixie(they are a shop from Barcelona). In addition, it’s a very solid bike and requires minimal maintenance. Ready to be shipped today! See all. The new Track version of the Raval bicycle from Santafixie with high quality components from Miche, perfect for the velodrome. Bicycle from Santafixie with Sturmey Archer S2C hub with 2 internal speeds and coaster brake. €499.00. Hey everyone, so I've been looking at buying my first fixed/single speed bike and I have come to the following 2 options: Santafixie Raval: State … Press J to jump to the feed. A perfect 10 bicycle, if you want to move around the city and a great bet if you want … We want to see! From this idea comes the new Black Sunset finish, twinned with the Yellow Sunset that we premiered months ago. Vous pouvez choisir entre trois types de guidons différents. €63.71 was €74.95. Santafixie Raval Yellow Sunset. Santafixie has presented a new finish for the Santafixie Raval. The yellow and red gradient of the fork and rear chainstays stand out perfectly against the matte … Videos ☝️ We have one, only one CINELLI Zydeco 2021 unit available! The Santafixie Raval Matte Black 30mm maintains the best value for money with a very competitive price. RAINS BACKPACK MINI - OFF WHITE. We propose a 46t chainring and a 16t sprocket, so that it’s easy and quick to move around on it. Photos. Good experience with Santafixie I was looking for a few parts for my fixie project, but none of my local shops could be of help. They had everything i wanted for my next bike. The Santafixie Raval 30mm Drop model is very light, weighing only 9.5 Kg. Envois gratuits de vélos en France. Santafixie Raval Matte Black + @spray.bike + an awesome design = DREAM BIKE BY @342majorblade243!⁠ ⁠ Share with us your Spray.bike designs and final results. Fixed or single-speed. 30 or 60 mm wheels. Its frame and fork are made with 6061 aluminium, a tough and strong variety. Free shipping within Europe! These are the concepts that come to mind when you perform an endless skid on your Santafixie Raval. 49, 52, 55, 58, 61! Fixed gear and single speed bicycle from You can choose amongst three different handlebar styles.